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K 2022 fair: Plant-based colours for eternity

K 2022 fair: Plant-based colours for eternity

News 17.08.2022
Lifocolor is presenting plant-based "eternity colours" for the first time at the K trade fair. | Lifocolor

At the K 2022 trade fair, the Lifocolor Group will present its eternal colours concept to guests for the first time. “The philosophy behind the eternal colours is orientated to making the colouring of plastics recyclable. We do this out of the firm conviction that colours enrich our lives. We get our inspiration from nature. And our experts use this inspiration creatively in colour trends. We want to give nature back what we have taken out - and this as unpolluted as possible. Of course, we are well aware that it requires a great deal of energy and development work to put this idea into practice. The entire process chain has to work closely together if we are to succeed in closing the cycle. With our eternal colours, we are taking the first steps in the right direction,” explains Dr Martin Fabian, Lifocolor Managing Director.

100 percent natural, plant-based colours

A closed-loop cycle - from nature back to nature - is today already possible for bioplastics. The colouring of these bioplastics using natural colourants reflects the “Cradle to Cradle” principle. This idea is realised, in particular, with the decomposition into harmless, natural basic materials in compost. At K 2022, a special focus will be on the innovation for the Lifocolor organic range: 100 per cent natural, plant-based colour concentrates. The Lifocolor Group will present its first colour series of colours comprising of biodegradable, bio-based plastics.

Colour for eternity


With the eternal colours idea in mind, Lifocolor is also continuously realising innovations for mechanically recycled plastics. “With regard to the mechanical circular economy, we don't want to give the impression that we claim to keep colours in the cycle for eternity - this cycle doesn’t involve this due a limited processing of the recyclate, per se. We are driven on by the idea of how we can develop colours so that they are fit for the future,” explains Marco Meixner, Lifocolor Head of Research & Development. At K 2022 the masterbatch manufacturer will present its extended LifoCycle product portfolio which is focused on the colouring and optimisation of recycled products. It incorporates high quality, recyclable colour and additive batches as well as support in the sorting of plastics. Lifocolor offers twelve on-trend colours for 2023 which are on a 100 per cent recycled polypropylene basis and will explain to visitors how much variety is currently possible in the colouring of plastics within the closed-loop cycle.

New products to be unveiled at K| Lifocolor

Further product innovations at K 2022

Another new product is Lifocolor White 60/MED PE which is for the special white colouring of pharmaceutical and drug packaging out of polyolefins. The white masterbatch has the necessary approvals and has been independently tested in accordance with the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia. The group will also present an expanded portfolio of high temperature resistant masterbatches for technical applications out of PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) plastics as well as new effect masterbatches.



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