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Starlinger at Plastindia 2023

Starlinger at Plastindia 2023

News 01.02.2023
Starlingers new recoSTAR PET art recycling system for food-grade rPET. ©Starlinger

Plastindia in New Delhi opens the trade show season 2023 for the machinery supplier from Austria. Starlinger puts the focus on efficient plastics recycling and sustainable packaging solutions.

Starlinger recycling technology and Starlinger viscotec present innovative machinery solutions for the recycling and refinement of a wide range of industrial and post-consumer scrap, including PE, PP, PET, PA, PLA, and many more. Starlinger's recycling processes have been approved by FDA, EFSA and important brand owners and provide efficient and reliable solutions for the production of food-grade recycled PET and HDPE which can be directly used for food-contact packaging. The first Starlinger recoSTAR PET recycling lines have already been installed in India during the past two years.

Highly efficient and cost-saving PET recycling

The newly conceived Starlinger recoSTAR PET art machine series, which was presented for the first time in October 2022 at "K" plastics trade show in Düsseldorf, represents a major step forward with regard to energy and process efficiency. Due to significant technological innovations and improvements - regarding energy consumption, machine footprint and maintenance requirements, among others - the new system saves about 21 % in energy costs compared to the previous model.

Starlinger viscotec sells its market-leading decontamination technology for PET flakes and pellets all over the world. viscoSTAR SSP reactors and deCON decontamination dryers for IV increase and decontamination of rPET flakes and pellets ensure highest quality and increase of intrinsic viscosity (IV) to the level of virgin material. rPET flakes and pellets processed on viscotec systems can be used directly in the production of food-contact packaging.

Sustainable packaging cycles

In India, raffia sacks account for a significant share on the packaging market for dry bulk goods such as grains, rice, flour, or fertilizers and cement. As a specialist for machinery for the production of raffia sacks with more than 50 years of experience, Starlinger supplies state-of-the-art production technology which is improved continuously. In order to establish closed packaging cycles in this sector, Starlinger lines can produce raffia sacks and container fabric out of recycled polypropylene (rPP) as well as PET and rPET. A project for big bags made of rPET is currently underway in India: In a joint venture with Indian big bag producer Umasree Texplast, Brazilian packaging producer Packem is setting up a production facility for big bags made of PET using Starlinger equipment. The aim of the joint venture is to establish a closed packaging cycle in this sector: In this so-called bag-to-bag project used big bags are collected, recycled and turned into new big bags again.


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