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KraussMaffei at K 2022: Two innovations for the circular economy live

KraussMaffei at K 2022: Two innovations for the circular economy live

News 29.07.2022
The innovative ColorAdjust system combining a color-measuring instrument based on photo-spectrometer technology with the machine control system

The color of an end product is now an important aspect of modern branding. With ColorAdjust from KraussMaffei, color variations with input goods of different colors are a thing of the past. The innovative system combines a color measuring device with photospectrometer technology and machine control to ensure precise, reproducible colors. Visitors can observe the fully automatic color correction process at the K trade show booth. In the CircularEconomy process on the booth, a twin-screw extruder compounds shredded medical caps into a fiber-reinforced, color-precise recyclate.

The ColorAdjust solution developed by KraussMaffei is the first of its kind on the market. It is designed not only for contactless monitoring of color variations, but to compensate even for minor deviations by directly adjusting the precise color setpoint. This gives compound processors high reproducibility even when processing input materials of varying color spectrum. The color setpoint is rapidly achieved when starting the compounding process after a stop as well as in the event of color changes. In view of the fact that start-up scraps and reject material to be subsequently disposed of are thus minimized, ColorAdjust ensures sustainable and highly efficient production of reclaim material. This will save not only time and money, but above all valuable raw materials.

Sustainable production with fully automatic color correction during compounding

KraussMaffei’s ColorAdjust system comprises two units: A spectral photometer determines the color of the cooled reclaimed pellets in the vibration chute and transmits the corresponding results to the machine control system. These values are used to control the color metering unit that is equipped with at least four colors and four metering devices. Upon request, the system can be expanded to six colors to flexibly cover the entire color spectrum that the human eye can distinguish. The color can generally be added in masterbatch or liquid form. The ColorAdjust system adjusts the colors fully automatically without any operator intervention. Thanks to its integration into the twin-screw extruder control system, it can be operated easily from the central control panel.



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