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Sustainable solutions from Friul Filiere

Sustainable solutions from Friul Filiere

News 23.06.2022

A controversial issue such as plastic consumption has led the industry to be particularly sensitive to waste and its reuse from previous processes, as well as prompting it to research new materials such as bio-composites. So, Friul Filiere, has worked to find sustainable solutions to offer its partners and to be sustainable also in every aspect of its life.

biocomposite solutions : FFC ™ is a composite made up of a mixture of thermoplastic material and vegetable fibers, lightened by expansion. The innovative strength lies in the possibility to recycle and reuse not only the waste of vegetable fibers (jute, hemp, sugar cane, etc.) but above all the waste of thermosetting plastic materials classified as Special Waste (rubber, urea, melamine, phenolics, paints, MDF).

no material waste systems: the company′s complete line for the extrusion of thermal break profiles has a closed loop production that allows the reuse of up to 15% of material.

energy saving: not only all the extruders are equipped of energy saving devices, but also every room of the company’s headquarter has neon lighting to reduce energy consumption.

extrusion of recycled material: the three-layer irrigation pipes extruded by the machines of the company have 80% of recycled material.



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