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OCSiAl: New graphene nanotube solutions for films, coatings and packaging

OCSiAl: New graphene nanotube solutions for films, coatings and packaging

News 05.01.2022
UV coating

The expansion of the graphene nanotube-based dispersion product line was specifically developed to target new markets for nanotube use. “We’ve noticed that the packaging and film industries prefer to use dispersions with 0.2–0.4% content of graphene nanotubes,” said Ekaterina Gorbunova, Development and Support Leader for Elastomers, Vice President, OCSiAl Group. “The recently developed products have an extremely fine quality of nanotube dispersion and are easier to handle in specific applications, especially with low solid content. It allows manufacturers to produce thin coatings that are stable over time with minimal impact on the color or transparency of the final products”.

The expanded product line includes nanotube water-based dispersions stabilized by anionic surfactants. A BA dispersion is under the development. The dispersions will be used in ultra-thin coatings, where retained processing and rheological properties are essential, and applications where polymer-based systems are used, including acrylic, nitrile, PU, etc.—such application areas as anti-static UV coatings and coatings on PET, binders, and primers.

The company plans to scale-up production of these new dispersions to optimize logistical costs and guarantee a stable local supply chain. New graphene nanotube dispersion production will be established in regions with the highest market demand, including Asia, Europe, and the US.

Previously, the most widespread graphene nanotube dispersions were TUBALLTM BATT and TUBALLTM LATEX for battery and latex applications with OEMs based in China and South East Asia. For various polymer applications, the company has a wide range of graphene nanotube concentrates based on various carriers with high nanotube content up to 25% of the total weight.



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