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Low density Exceed™ XP 7 performance polyethylene grades

Low density Exceed™ XP 7 performance polyethylene grades

News 14.10.2021

ExxonMobil has developed a new series of Exceed™ XP performance polyethylene (PE) grades that deliver remarkable mechanical performance with a combination of low density and fractional melt index (MI). Exceed™ XP 7021 and Exceed™ XP 7052 offer the value chain a combination of attributes that is currently not available in a single resin. This includes high levels of elasticity and holding force, puncture energy (up to 2.3 J/mil) and dart impact resistance (up to 900 gm on a 25.4 micron film).

  • Stretch hood films combining HEVA equivalent elasticity with high holding force for pallet stability
  • Collation shrink films at low temperatures offer potential energy savings from lower energy use
  • Primary packaging films at low seal initiation temperatures for fast sealing
  • Greenhouse films with remarkable softness and clarity combined with dart and puncture resistance for integrity
  • Fractional Melt Index (MI) for bubble stability and high output.

Key benefits and properties


ExxonMobil research and tests indicate that Exceed™ XP 7021 and Exceed™ XP 7052 also offer a combination of fractional MI and low density (0.911-0.912 g/cm³) that is not available in the market today. This makes films with enhanced bubble stability and creates opportunities to increase output for converters.

Exceed XP 7 performance polyethylene provides extreme film properties (see Table).


  • Create Stretch hood packaging films with both high elastic recovery and high holding force for pallet stability
  • Create Greenhouse films that are tough, clear, and soft
  • Collation shrink films that offer potential energy savings
  • Flexitank films with exceptional flex-crack resistance and toughness



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