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Braskem expands its packaging resins portfolio

Braskem expands its packaging resins portfolio

News 09.02.2021

A portfolio that is one of the most comprehensive on the market, Braskem expands its range of solutions for the packaging segment, one of the company's main consumers of thermoplastic resins in South America.

The Braskem Flexus family, the company's brand of high performance films, now includes Flexus 9213S, which has low blockage, low additive migration and greater preprint treatment stability, in addition to improved performance and excellent resistance to impact and perforation, properties that are already known for this family of resins. Flexus 9213S main applications are Form Fill Seal (FFS), pet food, stand-up pouches packaging and multi-layer films for food.

The Braskem Proxess brand of films with excellent processability now also includes Proxess 3310, an average density polyethylene made with a metallocene catalyst, which has excellent processability with low gel content. It is specific for the production of special and laminated films, and its grade offers higher rigidity and lower optical impact when encapsulated. Reducing the final product thickness is its major differential, which can be used in applications such as toothpaste tubes, pet food, stand-up pouches and multi-layer films.

The flexible packaging segment also has three new solutions. The HD2000F grade, a high density polyethylene made with bimodal technology, offers better processability to the end product due to its wide molar mass distribution. Films made from this resin offer high tenacity and impact resistance, even with low thickness. This new grade has been developed specifically for the plastic bag and perforated reel segment.

Designed especially to satisfy the mono or coextrusion tubular film market, the high-density polyethylene HD5000N grade has excellent mechanical and processability properties, in addition to enhancing the flexible packaging performance that require high rigidity, good optical properties and, in particular, improved barrier to water vapor. This product has its major application in food processing, such as special films that are in contact with food as well as packaging for cereals and other products that require specific barriers to water vapor.

RF70 wraps up this category, the only polypropylene grade for stretch film formulations. This is a random copolymer with average fluidity index, it does not contain slip nor anti-block additives, and it is suitable for preparation of customized formulations. This resin ensures greater operational efficiency for palletized cargo, since these films usually have greater tear propagation resistance, as well as contributing to less waste generated due to film failure in the cargo unitization process. Due to better mechanical performance, it is possible to reach higher levels of film stretch and, consequently, application optimization during palletization, reducing the ratio between the applied film weight and the cargo load securing force. Thus, all the cargo storage and transportation process becomes more sustainable, efficient and safe.

Fabio Agnelli, in charge of the Application Engineering team at Braskem, emphasizes that the launched products are in line with the company's commercial strategy, guided by the strong relationship with the client. "We have a technical team dedicated to identifying market opportunities and efficient in seeking new solutions, and it is focused on fully satisfying our clients' and brand owners' needs. We are very pleased to expand our portfolio, by developing important features for the segment, such as high performance, resistance and safety," states the executive.

Marketed throughout Brazil and in South American countries, the new HD2000F, HD5000N, Flexus 9213S and Proxess 3310 grades are produced in the Braskem units at the Camaçari Petrochemical Complex, in Bahia. The RF70 grade production is in the company's plant in the Gas Chemical Complex in Duque de Caxias.



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