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Zeus expands portfolio with new polyimide family of products

Zeus expands portfolio with new polyimide family of products

News 09.07.2019

Zeus Industrial Products, Inc. (Zeus), a leading polymer solutions provider and material science innovator, has announced the introduction of a new polyimide (PI) family of products. The new additions include tubing and coated wire containing polyimide and PI Glide™, a more lubricious composite of polyimide with PTFE.

With the addition of these products to Zeus' established portfolio, medical device manufacturers are able to further consolidate suppliers, benefiting from Zeus' proven quality, service, capability, and capacity to grow.

According to company, design engineers can benefit from polyimide resin's inherent characteristics, as well as the ability to:

  • Minimize profile, maximize the available working channel, and reduce rigidity with thin wall thicknesses.
  • Customize lubricity and strength by layering polyimide and PI Glide™.
  • Combine PI Glide™ with a polyimide jacket to create tubing with a lubricious ID and a bondable OD.

Quick facts

Polyimides (PI) are a family of high performing polymers which include an imide linkage as their central identifying element. Polyimide plastics are particularly known for their high temperature and mechanical performance in addition to their chemical resistance. PI plastics exhibit exceptional thermal stability throughout high and low temperatures and excellent insulating performance through a range of environments and frequencies. These properties and more have led to polyimide's widespread use in the medical, aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries.

  • Zeus introduced a polyimide family offering tubing and coated wire capabilities, with optional PI Glide™ for improved lubricity.
  • Customized polyimide and PI Glide™ layers bring the best characteristics of each to device designs.
  • Consolidated supplier sourcing leverages Zeus' proven quality, service, capability, and capacity to grow.

About the company

Zeus Industrial Products, Inc., is headquartered in Orangeburg, SC, USA. Its core business is the development and precision extrusion of advanced polymeric materials. The company employs over 1,700 people worldwide with sales and manufacturing facilities in Aiken, Gaston, and Orangeburg, South Carolina; Branchburg, New Jersey; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Guangzhou China; and Letterkenny, Ireland. Zeus products and services serve companies in the medical, automotive, aerospace, fiber optics, energy, and fluid management markets.



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