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PTi focuses on "Big Power, Small Footprint"  at Plastics Extrusion World Expo

PTi focuses on "Big Power, Small Footprint" at Plastics Extrusion World Expo

News 07.05.2019

Processing Technologies International (PTi), Aurora, IL is to participate in the upcoming Plastics Extrusion World Expo in Cleveland, Ohio on May 8-9, 2019. Co-located with Compounding World Expo and Plastics Recycling, the PTi exhibit will be centrally positioned within the Plastics Extrusion World Expo. PTi will showcase its latest advances in sheet extrusion technologies—Super-G® HighSPEED™ and DTS™ (Direct-To-Sheet) Compounding extrusion systems, each of which places emphasis on producing quality sheet via high output rates with a minimal footprint requirements.

New G-Series High-Speed Extruders pic
Super- G® HighSPEED™ Extruder

Super-G® HighSPEED™ Technology on Display

PTi will showcase a Model SGHS3000-36D Super- G® HighSPEED™ Extruder at the upcoming Plastics World Extrusion Expo in Cleveland, Ohio May 8th thru the 9th. This 3 inch (75mm) extruder provides visitors the opportunity to observe its unique features and technological enhancements, including its 'uniquely small footprint' with processing capabilities at output rates of up to 2500+ lb./hr. The HighSPEED™ extruder is well suited for PS, PP and PET applications and is capable of producing high production rates at screw speeds up to 1000+ RPMs with regrind recovery rates up to 70+% . The HighSPEED™'s ability to achieve high production outputs of quality sheet with minimal space requirements has PTi categorizing the process as "High Density Manufacturing".

DTS™ Compounding Technology Debut

In addition to the Super- G® HighSPEED™, PTi will debut its DTS™ Compounding technology which resulted from the March 2019 strategic business alliance (SBA) between FARREL POMINI and PTi. This technology produces highly mineral filled sheet extruded as part of the compounding process through the integration of FARREL POMINI'S CP II Series compact mixers and PTi's downstream sheeting technologies, including the G-SERIES® Roll Stands. The combination of technologies further provides a sustainability approach to extruded sheet given its use of 'earth' (i.e.; talc and calcium carbonate -CACO3) as a means of displacing 'barefoot' plastic resins.

PTi Technical Presentation Reaffirms FDA Guidelines for Virgin Cap Layer as an Effective Functional Barrier

Those interested in food packaging will want to stop by the Film and Sheet Theater at 2:30pm for PTi's presentation on "Contaminant migration considerations for recycled PET in food contact applications". PTi's Scientist, Sushant Jain, will clarify and refute false claims and misinterpreted data regarding the use of virgin cap layers as an effective functional barrier when combined with a post-consumer regrind PET cores. Technical testing and analyses will reaffirm FDA guidelines of a virgin cap as being an effective functional barrier, and thus a suitable packaging solution.

About the company

With installations in over 22 countries, PTi continues to supply extrusion equipment to industries in packaging, construction, automotive, lawn & garden, office products, sign & display, appliances and much more. PTi is a leading producer of high quality plastic sheet extrusion systems. Engineered to exact standards PTi systems offer a unique array of design features resulting in superior equipment performance.



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