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Liquid colours, additives and equipment for all plastics

Liquid colours, additives and equipment for all plastics

News 28.06.2018

At the last NPE, REPI presented the entire range of liquid colours, additives andequipment for all plastics and their disparate applications.  The portfolio comprises speciality additives for the packaging industry: injection moulding preforms, bottles and caps, as well as thermoformed trays and sheets or extrusion blow moulding containers.

REPI additives range from Anti Yellow and IV Enhancers for R-Pet processing, moving to UV-Additives and special barrier colours with UV additive inside, to Blowing agents, Process Aids, Anti-Block which improve the production process and protect containers (injection moulded and extruded) from scratches and damages.

Industrial applications are as well a target of REPI's liquid technology, with products dedicated to Polycarbonate, PMMA, PVC, HDPE, PP, ABS which donate excellent dispersion and respect the custom specific technical requirements. A special mention goes to REPI Xpansor, the Foaming Agent for PVC in liquid form, able to lighten the extruded sheet and make the surface perfectly smooth.

Among REPI ancillary equipment, the Dosing Unit U2011, successfully on the market for years, remains one of the favourite colour/additive dosing system, considered highly reliable both by extrusion and injection moulding processors. Light Meter Plus is the new entry for what analysis instrument for preforms and bottles is concerned. In the perspective of offering an all-round solution rather than just a product, REPI has been working over the years next to its customers building ties with them as partners. In this scenario, not only is the colour and additive formulation important, but also the availability of accurate dosing and analysis instruments to rely on for measuring the real presence and properties of the colour/additive in the final product. This is what the Dosing Unit U2011 and the Light Meter are able to offer.

About the company

REPI Group is a family-owned concern, founded in 1973. From the headquarters in North Italy is being growing over the decades opening facilities in the US, Russia, UK, Thailand and establishing commercial relationships worldwide. The Group's activity focuses on two main Business Units, Polyurethanes and Thermoplastics, which offer products and services to industries with different requirements and metrics. The Polyurethanes BU serves mainly the automotive, building and construction and footwear industries, while the thermoplastics BU has its core business in the rigid packaging field (preforms, bottles, PET sheets for thermoforming, caps, etc.) followed by industrial applications both in injection moulded parts and extrusion such as the furniture industry.



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