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Multi-layer start-up with Brückner

News 22.11.2018
A perfect line start

„When we recently started our new 5-layer BOPP line we were aware that it could be a bit tricky. But we never expected to witness such a perfect line start. Good film on winder within only a few hours – we were extremely enthusiastic", says Mr. Fang Wenbin, President and General Manager, Gettel Group China.

Enthusiastic was also the Brückner commissioning team – but, to be honest, for them this perfect line start was not really a surpise. Project manager Gerald Hüller explains: „Putting into operation a multi-layer film stretching line is never easy. Knowing this, we were extremely well prepared on this occasion. Therefore, and also due to the once more exemplary cooperation with Gettel's experienced staff, we achieved this great success."

Silent helpers in the background were Brückner's innovative user interface and the intuitive process control software. They are decisive factors when it comes to stably producing high-quality film from the very beginning. All in all, the new, super-flexible 5-layer line is the perfect complement to Gettel's BOPP portfolio.


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