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Jindal Films displays new Ethy-Lyte™ PE film technology

Jindal Films displays new Ethy-Lyte™ PE film technology

News 18.10.2018

Jindal Films has showcased a new breakthrough Polyethylene film technology, Ethy-Lyte, at PackExpo 2018.

This new range of films will meet the increasing global demand to provide sustainable packaging solutions for recyclable flexible packaging. On-going work within the flexible packaging industry, consumer packaging companies and the recycling community are driving packaging towards the elimination of multi-material laminates. Asscording to company, Ethy-Lyte would provide opportunities for an all PE based recyclable package.

Jindal Film's first product offering, Ethy-Lyte™ 25HD200 is a non-sealable, outer print web to be utilized in an all PE laminate structures. Utilizing a proprietary manufacturing process, Ethy-Lyte 25HD200 provides increased clarity, modulus, and printability versus conventional blown PE films and can be used as an alternative to OPP and PET films in a variety of applications.

Jindal Films is working on expanding Ethy-Lyte™ technology to include sealable, cold seal receptive, white and barrier versions which will provide complete solutions to the packaging industry. These films will enable the transition from multi-material structures towards mono-material PE structures.

At Pack Expo, Jindal filmes demonstrated examples like Bicor™ Ultra Seal™, SUP™, Ethy-Lyte™, and SealTOUGH™. 

About the company

Jindal Films is one of the leading companies in the development and manufacture of specialty packaging and labeling film solutions, including multilayer white opaque films, metalized films and coated films, for flexible packaging and labeling applications. Jindal Films has affiliated production plants in Europe (Virton, Belgium; Kerkrade, The Netherlands; and Brindisi, Italy), and in the United States (LaGrange, Georgia; and Shawnee, Oklahoma). 



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