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Extrusion 7-2021

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Kung Hsing stands out in multi-layer film extrusion

Kung Hsing stands out in multi-layer film extrusion


The global market for plastic films continues to surge even with the coronavirus pandemic. Changing lifestyle and health safety concerns have influenced preference for packaging – be it for food and beverage, and for other household and industrial products. As a result, many innovations have emerged and directed towards ensuring that packaging products meet the demand under the “new normal.”

Mr. Kun-Lin Tsai, Vice President, Kung Hsing Plastic Machinery

As a sophisticated manufacturer of blown film lines, Kung Hsing Plastic Machinery has been gaining market share in the global markets with its portfolio of high-performance extrusion lines. As Kun-Lin Tsai, Vice President of Kung Hsing Plastic Machinery, often shares during his appearance in major trade exhibitions for plastics, Kung Hsing Plastic Machinery has been expanding its customer base around the world due to numerous important features of its machines that meet the requirements of its customers.

For one, the company has been aiming to serve the higher-end food and beverage packaging market as well as special-purpose packaging sector with its multi-layer co-extrusion blow film machines. The films produced from Kung Hsing machines offer ideal barrier to oxygen and moisture, thus adhering to stringent food-safety standard in terms of prolonging the freshness. The films can be applied for frozen meat, seafood, and other food packaging due to the films’ excellent mechanical properties, barrier ability, and balance between processing and performance

High-speed and efficient blown film lines

Kung Hsing’s strengths are reflected in its product range that was developed through years of research and development (R&D) plus sound investment strategies. The company offers a broad selection of multi-layer co-extrusion high-speed blown film lines, monofilament production systems, and plastic recycling and washing lines.


As a leading producer of blown film extrusion lines, Kung Hsing offers complete systems from 3 layers to 7 layers for processing HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, mPE, EVA, PP, PA, EVOH. Its latest model in the blown film segment is the KS-ML-5-55-55-55-55-55 model, a five-layer co-extrusion blown film line that enables the production of film with maximum lay-flat width of 1400 mm and features high performance Ø300 mm die for maximum output 600 kg/hr. A Computer Supervisor System with 19" colour touch screen is integrated along with Gap/ Surface / Contact Drive 3 in 1 winders with 7.5" colour touch screen.
The machine is also fitted with Doteco Gravimetric batch blender and K-Design high adjustable auto air ring with the K-Design capacity type thickness profile measurement of 360 degree reverse ring, as well as Dr. Joseph IBC system and Vetaphone corona surface treatment. The blown film line is ideal for the production of barrier film, lamination film, VCI film, food packaging film, industrial packaging film, FFS, heat-shrinkable film and agricultural film.

The multi-layer machines from Kung Hsing have high production rate as they are built with advanced automation features. Over the years, the company has successfully upgraded its production machines that these now guarantee increased production output while cutting down energy consumption. These energy-efficient high-speed, high-output machines are the reasons why Kung Hsing’s multi-layer co extrusion blow film systems are known worldwide.

As the current trend leans towards circular economy, Kung Hsing is pursuing the development of efficient production systems such as biodegradable film lines, and extruders that could deal with more environment-friendly materials.

With plastic films production taking a major leap forward in terms of efficiency, speed and cost-reduction, Kung Hsing is set to take the crucial steps to successfully meet its customers’ expectations.



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