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New PVC compounds from Teknor Apex

News 11.10.2018

Tray Cable Application

Four new PVC jacket compounds meet flame test requirements for power and control tray cables while providing enhanced-performance options for specific applications. All four compounds pass requirements for UL-1277 (electrical power and control tray cables with optional opticalfiber members) and UL-13 (power-limited circuit cables); meet the CSA FT-4 burn tests with appropriate cores; and have a maximum continuous operating temperature of 105 °C. The compounds are listed below with Shore Adurometers given as 15-second Hardness Stand readings:

● Apex® 70018 is a 73 Shore A PVC compound that yields soft, low-gloss, highly flame-retarded jacketing for use over polyethylene. The material is cap able of achieving UL Oil Resistance I and II ratings, features an oxygen index of 41%, and, with a brittle point of -16 °C, is suited for indoor use.

● Apex® 70020 is a 79 Shore A PVC compound for outdoor-rated jackets over crosslinked polyethylene. It is cap able of Oil I and II ratings and is designed to pass -25 °C cold impact and -40 °C cold bend tests.

● Apex P-55007 is an 82 Shore A blend of PVC and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) formulated for use in appliance wir ing and tray cables over polyethylene cores. The most flame-retardant of a series of PVC/TPU blends, it has an oxygen index of 35% and a brittle point of -49 °C.

● Flexalloy® 9627-79 is a 67 Shore A PVC elastomer developed as a spatter-, oil-, and UVresistant material for welding cable. It meets the UL-62 standard for flexible cable and is for use over PVC or cross linked polyethylene cores. The lowgloss compound has a -38 °C brittle point and a 34% oxygen index.



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