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Mini-Extruder Hybrid from Three-Tec

News 10.09.2018

During formulation development, only a few, often expensive active or target materials are available. Many formulation attempts are normally needed to find a satisfying recipe. These prerequisites require extrusion and feeding solution on a resource-conserving miniature scale, like the parallel twin-screw mini extruders on the left and flat-tray feeders on the right.

During intensive cooperation with operators Three-Tec Ltd. has designed this twin screw extruder which has been sold around the globe successfully. This multifunctional extruder can be run as a hot-melt or wet extruder or just as a mixer. Its compact size allows to position the extruder on a table, under an air exhaust or simply in areas with restricted space.

As the prodicer stresses, easy cleaning, fast set-up and installation as well as several upgrading options make this unique extruder more economic than ever.

The new Mini-Extruder Hybrid is built in the same housing as the popular standard extruders in a table top execution. As a twin barrel extruder it offers the choice of two different sizes of screw diameters which can be run on the same device. Three combinations of two different screw diameters out of 5, 9 and 12 mm screws are possible.

This Extruder is used for complex extrusion tasks under difficult conditions such as very high pressure, high torque and step temperature profile.The parallel Twin-Screw Extruders are fitted with easily replaceable barrels and screws that can be configured according to the customer's needs. Various screw segments can be combined to convey, reverse convey, knead and mix the extrudate. The compact and lightweight tabletop design allows using the extruder in different locations or in glove boxes. The temperature of each heating-zone can be controlled separately and is recorded with the torque of the motor by the control system. Records can be transferred to USB or via Ethernet.

About the company

Three-Tec is an international active enterprise, which concern intensively with the development, production and marketing of fine feeders as well as peripheral devices and plants for bulk materials, inclusive monitoring systems, for process engineering in all fastidious industrial ranges.

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