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Making the ball fly

News 26.07.2018

When watching a football match people are focusing mostly on one thing – the ball. The last edition of the World Cup hosted by the Russian Federation was not an exception. Of course for such an event you will need the best sport tool available – a premium quality ball with stellar reputation for quality and performance.

Adidas has been supplying this kind of balls since 1970 when its Adidas Telstar for the first time became the FIFA official football for the ninth World Cup held in Mexico. To manufacture high quality state-of-the-art sport tools Adidas needs a reliable source of cutting edge materials. Covestro has been such a source for more than three decades.

Telstar 18, played in Russia this year, is made of innovative synthetic materials, such as Impranil® Dispercoll® allowing for predictable trajectories and comfortable operation in humid weather circumstances.

Two outer polyurethane layers protect the ball from physical damage, while an intermediate PP foam layer is responsible for extremely quick shape regain after impact deformations. The inner part of the ball serves as carrier for the other layers.


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