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Extrusion 8-2018

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A new PET line of BANDERA for rigid packaging industry in the Middle East

News 22.05.2018

The Polyester Extrusion Line currently supplied by Bandera features solid high-tech design, high output and quality performance. It is designed for a maximum output of 2000 Kg/h, for a thickness range of 0,15 mm ÷ 1,50 mm and a net width of the web of max. 1860 mm, processing multi-layer rigid polyester web. It can also process A-Polyester, C-Polyester, Polyester-G, PS and PLA web.

The line comprises patented twin-screw extruder, 2C135 52 L/D, single-screw co-extruder TR100 35 L/D, with innovative vacuum venting systems and high purification, superfiltration system, which allow processing recycled raw materials up to 100%.

The downstream installs a multilayer feed block, an in-line thickness measurement system, a haul-off with accurate silicone coating and drying unit, a semi-automatic cantilever winding system, suitable for winding up to 3, both symmetric and asymmetric, reels on the same shaft. The downstream further installs a special design, horizontal cooling and polishing roller stack with motorized cross-axis system and an extrusion flat die with internal deckling system, which allow the production of a maximum net width of 1860 mm at the winder.

Further accessories completing the line: an exclusive roll stack cleaning system, adding incomparable efficiency to the line and helping to boost its yearly profit, plus an additional roll for high quality and high thickness production.


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