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Premium quality and automation in pipe extrusion

News 14.05.2018

KraussMaffei Berstorff presented premium quality solutions in PVC and PO pipe extrusion at Chinaplas in Shanghai. The company has introduced biaxially oriented PVC pipe technology together with Baosu Pipe Industry.

QuickSwitch technology for automatic in-line dimension changes, already successful for many years, is taking over the Chinese and Asian market.

Partnership with Baosu for groundbreaking PVC-O pipe technology

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Biaxially oriented PVC-O pipe

After signing a cooperation agreement at the end of 2017, KraussMaffei Berstorff and Baosu Pipe Industry (Hebei province, China) are actively pushing the international sale of their PVC-O technology. "Baosu is a specialist in PVC pipe extrusion that has concentrated on the development of special stretching technology over the course of many years," says Andreas Kessler, General Sales Manager at the Munich location. KraussMaffei Berstorff has maintained a strong, long-term customer relationship with Baosu since the eighties. Among other developments, it will contribute its twin-screw extruder for U-PVC production based on the latest technology to this cooperation as a core component.

"In order to respond more quickly and with more precision to customer demands regarding process engineering and material composition, Baosu Pipe Industry is planning to install a system—equipped with our twin-screw extruder—that will be used for demonstration purposes," explains Kessler.

Compared to non-oriented PVC pipes, biaxially oriented pipes achieve nearly twice the impact resistance, higher internal pressure resistance and a weight reduction of up to 40 percent.

They will predominantly be used for wastewater and drinking water supply. Here in particular, they exhibit an excellent combination of sustainability and outstanding technical properties. Transporting and laying these pipes is also easier.

Baosu Pipe Industry will market the finished product under the brand name Taiji Blue pipe®.

QuickSwitch: High degree of automation and small batch sizes

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Tapered piece – manufactured on a KraussMaffei Berstorff QuickSwitch machine

There is an enormous amount of interest in digitalized solutions in the plastics processing industry in China, as well. Using QuickSwitch, the producer gets small order batches with short set-up times and minimal material waste.

KraussMaffei Berstorff showed Chinaplas attendees the advantages of this technology using a tapered piece, which illustrates the transition from the manufactured diameter into the new dimension (160 -250 mm). This is KraussMaffei Berstorff's answer to the trend in mass-produced products towards individualized, high-quality single-unit production. "Our system for fully automated dimension changes, tried and tested for years in day-to-day production, saves time and money and is a prime example of cost-effective production," says Bengt Schmidt, Vice President of Plastic Extrusion in China. In addition, it guarantees processors a high degree of flexibility and, as a result, maximum competitiveness. "Those who invest in QuickSwitch are investing in intelligent, efficient production and are well on their way to the 'smart factory' of tomorrow as a result," says Schmidt.

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