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New Issue
Trade Shows
15. - 19. October 2024
Friedrichshafen, Germany

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Extrusion Asia 2-2016

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The K 2016 trade show will feature KraussMaffei
Berstorff's custom solution for 36D twin-screw extruders, which is designed for high-performance extrusion of U-PVC pipes with minimum space requirements.




敬请垂询 / Imprint 05
企业短讯 / Branche Intern 06
Krauss Maffei Berstroff: 管材挤出 : 高性能挤出生产线能够高效率地生产PVC管材,且只需要最小的占地面积 |/ Pipe Extrusion: High-Performance Extruders provide efficient PVC Pipe Production with minimum Space Requirements 16
Tecnomatic: 管材挤出 : 推进在撒哈拉以南非洲的销售市场 / Pipe Extrusion: Sales in Sub-SaharanAfrican Markets boosted 18
Sica: 管材生产 : 塑料管材领域的创新 / Innovations in the Field of Plastic Pipes 20
Friul Filere: 型材挤出成型 : 用于生产热隔断型材的全套挤出生产设备 / Profile Extrusion: Complete Extrusion Plant for the Production of Thermal Break Profiles 22
Greiner Extrusion: 型材挤出成型 : 始终保持领先地位. / Profile Extrusion: The leading edge that always connects 23
Breyer: 薄膜挤出 : 成功地生产用于热成型包装的完美而平整的片材 / Breyer: Film Extrusion: Perfect Flat Film for Successful Thermoformed Packaging 24
Getecha: 波纹管成型机 / Corrugator 27
Zumbach: 测量 : 管材和软管的挤出在严格的控制之中 / Measurement Technology: Extruded Pipe and Hoses under Tight Control 30
Sikora: 测量 : 西科拉向大家展示了创新的测量、控制、检查、分析及杂质筛除方面的技术 / SIKORA shows innovative measuring, control, inspection, analysis and sorting technology 32
battenfeld-cincinnati: 挤出技术 : “创新先行”- 源自高度灵动性和以客户需求为主导的解决方案 / Extrusion Technology: Driven by innovation“ ... 36
Kreyenborg: 周边 : 干燥,储存,混合,输送以及计量 / Periphery: Drying, Storing, Mixing, Conveying and Dosing 38
Arlanxeo: 商品 : Levapren在电力电缆应用上的优势 / Raw Materials: Benefits of Levapren for Alternative Energy Cable Application 40
Covestro: 商品 : 新开发的可持续性塑料原料,创造了更多的价值,让世界成为更加明亮的地方/ Creating value added with plastics: Innovative and sustainable materials help make the world a brighter place 41
本期杂志中的公司目录 / Firms in this issue 42


05      敬请垂询 / Imprint

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