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New Issue

Extrusion 5-2024


Extrusion 5-2024

Trade Shows
15. - 19. October 2024
Friedrichshafen, Germany

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Extrusion Asia 1-2019

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工业4.0: 混合料挤出的工业4.0方案 Industry 4.0 Solutions for Compounding Extruders

足日益增的数据采集和分析的需求,克菲•贝尔斯多夫开出了两套全新系,目前可以作ZE出机的In order to meet the ever increasing demand for data acquisition and analysis, KraussMaffei Berstorff has developed two new systems, which are now available as options for ZE Blue-Power extruders.

挤出技术:在欧洲和亚洲能力更加强大 Extrusion Technology: Larger Capacities in Europe and Asia

Simplas是塑料薄膜、片材挤出、挤出涂布和热熔涂布应用的平模头,输料块及配件的全球主要供应商之一。Simplas is a leading supplier of wide slot dies, feed blocks and accessories for plastic film and sheet extrusion as well as for
coating and hot melt coating applications.


ILLIG: 最新 IC-RDM 73K热成型制杯机 Innovation IC-RDM 73K Thermoformer

中国国际橡塑展上,ILLIG将展示新型IC-RDM 73K自动热成型制杯机,具有高输出和快速换模系统。现场将用A-PET和APLA演绎制成饮料杯。At Chinaplas ILLIG will be showcasing the new IC-RDM 73K automatic roll-fed machine with high output and a quickchange system for molds integrated in a fully automated production line for drinking cups made of A-PET and A-PLA..


包米勒在首尔国际自动化展会上展出丰富多彩的产品组合,包括变换器与电机、控制技术和软件模块。Baumüller presented a comprehensive product portfolio with converters and motors, control technology and software modules at Automation World.


内容/ Content 04
企业短讯/ Branche Intern 06
工业4.0: 混合料挤出的工业4.0方案 Industry 4.0 Solutions for Compounding Extruders 22
正在研发中的包装薄膜: 食品更安全,同时减少浪费 Packaging Films – From the Research: Safer Food – Less Waste 24
回收加工: 格诺斯MRS 回收加工技术已在食品包装领域得到论证 Recycling: MRS Recycling Process allows Recycled Packaging for Food Worldwide 28
挤出工具: “BULLET II”挤压头 Extrusion Tooling: “THE BULLET II” Extrusion Head 30
测量技术:新型阻隔层(EVOH)在线厚度测量装置介绍 Measurement Technology: New Barrier Layer (EVOH) Inline Thickness Measuring Device introduced 32
测量技术 - 用户报告: “生产出高质量的管道,不仅仅我们的顾客会满意,我们也会” Measurement Technology – Case Study: “When producing a perfect pipe not only our customers will be satisfied, but we will be too” 34
测量技术:任何海底线缆的所有部件均可得到监视和测量 Measurement Technology: All Components in View – Measure Any Offshore Flexible 37
挤出技术:在欧洲和亚洲能力更加强大 Extrusion Technology: Larger Capacities in Europe and Asia 40
单点调节同心的挤出模具 Single-Point Concentricity Extrusion Tooling 41
2019中国国际橡塑展 – Chinaplas 2019 42
W+H: 制造软包装材料方面的创新 Innovations in the Manufacturing Flexible Packaging 42
Gneuss: 格诺斯旋转过滤系统 Rotary Filtration Systems 44
AMUT: 新技术 New Technologies 46
Maag: 兼具高生产效率与高产品质量的造粒机、齿轮泵和熔体过滤器 Pelletizers, Gear Pumps and Melt Filters for High Productivity and Product Quality 48
Sikora: 测量 : 2019 国际橡塑展 SIKORA 展位号 Measurement Technology: SIKORA at Chinaplas 2019 49
Nordson: 新款在线工具可自动计算安装齿轮泵后节 省的树脂成本和投资回报 New Online Tool Automatically Calculates Resin Savings and Investment Payback after Installation of a Gear Pump 51
Kautex: 示配置新型 6 层共挤模头的中空成型机 Blow Molding Machine with a New 6-Layer Extrusion Head 52
Brückner: 专注于特殊薄膜生产和循环经济 Focus on Specialty Films and Circular Economy 54
Davis-Standard: 在2019中国国际橡塑展上展示本地 化的专门技术 Regional Expertise at Chinaplas 2019 56
Uth: 创新的橡胶挤出和过滤器解决方案以及齿轮泵技术,是高水平提升质量和提高成本效益的有力保证 Innovative Rubber Extrusion and Strainer Solutions with Gear Pump Technology ensuring High Level of Quality Improvement and Cost-Efficiency 58
 ILLIG: 最新 IC-RDM 73K热成型制杯机 Innovation IC-RDM 73K Thermoformer 59
Goebel: 最新技术分切复卷机用于薄膜生产和后加工 State-of-the-Art Slitter Rewinders for Film Processing and Converting 62
 SML: 高性能挤出解决方案 High-Performance Extrusion Solutions 64
本期杂志中的公司目录 / 敬请垂询 Firms in this issue / Imprint 66

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