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Extrupet again chooses PET recycling technology from Erema

Extrupet again chooses PET recycling technology from Erema

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Since it was founded in 2000, Extrupet has grown to become one of the largest and most advanced recyclers of PET bottle materials on the African continent. The company is based in Wadeville, Johannesburg, and specialises in most aspects of the PET recycling loop: from turning waste PET bottles into PET flakes to converting them into fibre, thermoforming and food-grade and strapping-grade material.

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VACUNITE® 2318 T-1500

In June 2024, Extrupet will add a VACUNITE® from EREMA to its machinery. The partnership dates as far back as 2009, when Extrupet bought EREMA’s VACUREMA® technology. The relationship with the Group however, goes back even further to the 1990s when the first conventional extruders were supplied.

“Extrupet’s planned expansion of their existing South African footprint is slated for 2024 in Cape Town, and was a project born from a need to meet a growing demand for our PhoenixPET® resin,” says Chandru Wadhwani, Joint Managing Director at Extrupet. “Given the superior quality of resin we currently supply the market it was imperative that the technology chosen not only maintained our current standards, but also offered the opportunity to make improvements. Our long-standing relationship with EREMA and their offering on the new VACUNITE system met our requirements, and we look forward to jointly commissioning a new line next year which will set the benchmark for the future.”

For high throughput in PET recycling

Ravi Chanrai, Group Director of the Extrupet Group

As Extrupet’s footprint is set to grow across the continent, it was also important to partner with a technology partner that had a similar geographical footprint to align with our ambitions” says Ravi Chanrai, Group Director of the Extrupet Group. He further adds “We are delighted the South African company has ordered a VACUNITE® 2318 T-1500 for direct bottle-to-bottle production. While it is estimated that we will commence our East African operation in 2024, with the drive to set up a similar operation to South Africa, it is envisaged we will be able to supply several African markets with our food grade rPET from the new line in Cape Town next year. Thereafter, we envisage a breaking of ground in Lagos, Nigeria, to commence in the same year, with a targeted 2025 start up of a fully integrated “food grade” rPET line.

This is ultimately why we have been mindful to negotiate with EREMA for more than the one VACUNITE® slated for Cape Town next year. The option for an additional two lines has been secured to ensure we can meet the growing demand (for Extrupet’s grade of food grade rPET) across the African continent. We will in due course be making further announcements to update the markets in this regard.” 


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