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Extrusion 6-2023


Extrusion 6-2023


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Retrofit: Win-win for Kablonex

Retrofit: Win-win for Kablonex

Сase studies
Old non-W&H Extruder before retrofit

KABLONEX saw great potential in retrofitting an old blown film extrusion machine to save energy, increase productivity and improve melt quality. The machine in question was a non-W&H machine with an old Mono 120 extruder. Due to its age, it had become very noisy, had very poor melt quality and (very) high power consumption (during heating: 244 kW, during production: 95 kW). Due to the very limited space in the existing production area, a flexible design of the new components was crucial. After a detailed analysis of the status quo and a comparison of objectives, the following measure was planned

- New 90.30D stand-alone extruder with control and operator panel

Expectations were high from the start, but after a problem-free installation and a quick and easy start-up after the retrofit, the results were very convincing:

  • Energy consumption reduced by 36% (during heating: 155 kW, during production: 62 kW)
  • Energy savings of €62,000 per year
  • 20% increase in output (limited by die head back pressure)
  • Better melt quality compared to the old extruder
  • Silent production
New extruder after retrofit

In addition to the hard facts, the qualitative aspects were also convincing Oskar Nawrocki, CEO at KABLONEX summarizes it as follows: "Finally, you can't hear in the production hall whether the mono line is working or not. The new stand-alone extruder makes it easier to start up, and this has significantly improved the safety of operation". This retrofit, like many others, demonstrates the benefits of retrofitting. Sustainable use of material and financial resources, as well as

  • More output, less waste
  • Quality improvement
  • Sustainability: energy optimization, use of existing floor space
  • Diversification: producing new (sustainable) products
  • Improved reliability
  • Improved safety
  • Cost and time benefits

As the results speak for themselves, KABLONEX is already interested in further retrofits. The next project is already underway: The conversion of a 5-layer non-W&H machine into a 7-layer barrier.


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