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Extrusion 5-2019


Extrusion 5-2019

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Line to produce HDPE rigid sheet from Union

Line to produce HDPE rigid sheet from Union

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New extrusion line for the production of HDPE rigid sheet line from 5 to 25mm thickness and 2.500mm width, output 600Kg/hr has been delivered to customer.

The upstream of the line is composed of single screw extruder of 150/35D and co-extrduer 80/35D while the downstream is made of a special vertical calander with double heat stabilizer for high thickness sheet + special extra triple cooling roller-calibrator with bottom displacement + embossing rollers + laminating station + 4 driven saw slitters with dust suction device + cross cutting device with automatic vacuum suckers staker.


This "full optional line" is the fifth delivered to the same customer and it contain some great innovations, mainly into the triple cooling roller-calibrator for the top and bottom cooling of the sheet with the possibility to change the simmetry of the rollers and widen the cooling area when required.

About the company

Since 1950, UNION plans and manifactures, inside its factory in San Vittore Olona – MI, complete extrusion lines and all the parts which is composed, for rigid and foam plastic materials. UNION produces single and twin screw extruders beside complete extrusion lines for sheets,foils, profiles, hollow sheets at 2 and more walls. Special lines for composite panels of plastics and metal, complete lines for undulated and greca sheets of PMMA, PC, PET.



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