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Leister: Insulation, power efficiency and design of nozzles

Leister: Insulation, power efficiency and design of nozzles

News 22.06.2017
LTAG PH nozzle design1

A nozzle created specifically for PE-coated paper activation has been recently redesigned by Leister. Compared to the former design, the engineers boosted power efficiency by close to 30%. Production speed rose as well from 400 to 700 m/min for constant power consumption. This way, Leister paves the road to innovative solutions that pay off to its customers and the entire packaging industry.

Thermal insulation of nozzles creates additional opportunities: the better it is, the greater is the overall efficiency. Reinhold Lux, Head of Process Heat Business Line at Leister Technologies AG, explains: "We have not only optimized the nozzle design. A better power efficiency can also be achieved by using advanced insulating materials."

From now on, Leister insulates its nozzles with a ceramic/organic fiber composite that withstands heat of up to 1200 °C and thus can be used in any air heater. The power efficiency factor increased additionally by 7.3%.

LTAG PH nozzle design2

Still, heat and damage resistance are not the only critical factors when it comes to selecting an insulation material. As the material may indirectly come in contact with food, it must comply with food applications. 

In the end, compared to the former output of 90 kW for 400 m/min only, 81. 3 kW allow now for reaching 700 m/min thanks to nozzle design and insulation improvements.

These are pivotal factors of minimizing losses. The combination of nozzles, insulation, and air heaters must as well be tailored to the specific task. The combination offered by Leister is mostly used for surface activation of polymers.
The advantages of complex nozzle design will be highlighted by Leister Process Heat Team at Drinktec 2017 in hall C1.140.



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