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Cleacom: Reliable separation of emissions and fumes from extruders

Cleacom: Reliable separation of emissions and fumes from extruders

Fumes generated during extrusion processes must be reliably extracted in order to meet legal requirements and improve working condition

Considerable demands are placed upon all components to ensure maximum productivity during the refinement and packaging of plastics employing plastics granulation. Besides process technology, a major consideration is the collection of dust and fumes and controlling the air quality inside the workplace.

Keller Lufttechnik has extensive experience with the treatment of dust, fumes, gaseous and adhesive aerosols released during compounding and extrusion processes. Utilizing established technology, emissions are extracted thoroughly at the source and separated in either centralized or decentralized systems.

CLEACOM - established 24/7 technology

Aerosols and fumes are released during extrusion processes. They are captured with collection hoods, rinsed with water and fed to a wet scrubber. The wet scrubber utilizes water as a filtration medium, with the advantage of maximum operational safety despite any adhesive emissions.

Dust from the processing area (mixing, weighing, feeding) is directed to a dry separator.

Contamination and surface dust are manually extracted by means of an additional dry system using a vacuum.




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