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NDC Technologies Offers the Best of Both Worlds for the Measurement of Transparent Films

NDC Technologies Offers the Best of Both Worlds for the Measurement of Transparent Films


NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of intelligent, connected measurement and control systems,has worked closely with manufacturers around the globe to provide application-specific solutions. When some keymanufacturers of transparent plastic filmwere looking for a solution tobetter control the haze (or quality appearance) and thickness of their products, NDC Technologies came up with a system solution that offered the best of both worlds. This innovative and highly versatile system consists of a tandem setup that incorporates both thecompany’sHazePro haze gauge and FilmPro thickness sensor.

Haze is a critical quality parameter for plastic films, various plastic sheet products and other transparent materials. A film or sheet with a poor visible appearance can be problematic for manufacturers trying to maintain a specific quality standard. NDC Technologies’ HazePro gauge is the industry's only true on-line measurement system that accurately and reliably measures the optical quality of transparent materials to control haze. HazePro allows manufacturers to immediately see the impact of process changes on haze and learn how to tightly maintain haze quality. HazePro is also immune to ambient changes as well as process variations, such as web flutter. Haze measurements comply with ASTM standard D1003 for transparent materials.

The FilmProsensor complements HazePro by precisely measuring the thickness and basis weight of films. FilmPro effectively measures thin film to thick sheets with multi-layer discrimination. This includes applications involving clear, pigmented and tinted films, as well as microporous and coated products.

Both haze and film thickness measurements occur simultaneously, and process adjustments can be automated for real-time control of these parameters.

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Applications include:

  • Optical films
  • Packaging films
  • Flexible packaging films
  • Agricultural films
  • Solar panel films
  • Coatings on glass (such as solar panels)
  • Anti-glare films on computer screens

The HazePro-FilmPro measurement system solution offers many advantages over conventional gauging systemsand enablesplastic film and sheet manufacturers to improve product quality, increase productivity, boost process efficiencies and realize significant production savings. In addition, all measurement systems are backed by NDC Technologies’ dedicated worldwide customer service and support organization.

To learn more, visit: www.ndc.com.



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