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Autonomous operable side feeder from Entex

Autonomous operable side feeder from Entex

autaker Sidefeeder

In order to make the operation of side feeders more variable and also to facilitate the retrofitting of side feeders to existing extrusion lines, ENTEX has developed the autonomous operable side feeder.

Side feeders are installed laterally to the process section of extruders. They are used to convey fillers and additives in form of powders, fibres, granulates or pastes such as paints, chalk, reaction or entraining agents, etc. Furthermore, side feeders can be used for the degassing of the extrudate. Until today, the integration of additional side feeders into the control system of existing extruders was very complex. In order to connect an additional side feeder for material feeding or degassing, from the mechanical side, was only a roller cylinder with a corresponding lateral connection opening required.

With regard to the integration of the side feeder into the electrics as well asinto the control and safety technology of the extrusion line, the effort was much more extensive in the past. For example, a corresponding frequency converter and other electronic components for the side feeder drive had to be installed into the switch cabinet of the extruder, which often led to space problems in the switch cabinet. For the control of the side feeder it was necessary to customize the programming and visualization of the extrusion line and also safety functions and the controls of possible additional auxiliary units of the side feeder as well as the cooling water monitoring had to be integrated in a complex way.

With the new, autonomous operable side feeder, all these safety-related and control modifications are no longer necessary. This system only requires an appropriate power supply and a suitable cooling water supply. All other required functions, even the power supply and the control of additional auxiliary units, such as metal separator, dosing unit or a vacuum unit, are pre-configured in the side feeder's control system and can be controlled via the integrated touch screen display.

If appropriate interfaces are available on the extruder, autonomous operated side feeders can also be integrated into the control system of existing extrusion line.



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