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Innovative solutions for an evolving world

Innovative solutions for an evolving world

Jeroen Bloemhard
Jeroen Bloemhard

Key Dupont exhibits and the company’s commitment to collaborative and innovation-driven approach are the major highlights in the interview with Jeroen Bloemhard, Global Vice President at DuPont Transportation & Industrial.

 Mr. Bloemhard, please tell us about Dupont’s focus at K 2019.

Discovering DuPont, a theme for showcasing at K 2019, demonstrates our vision of transforming industries to improve people’s life and empower the world. The three universes are the main focus for us at the world’s leading trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry in Düsseldorf.

The key highlights are Advanced Mobility, Enabled Connections and Smarter Healthcare. The ideas behind these are automotive, electronic and healthcare industries, which are the key areas where, as we think, we can make impact by transforming manufacture processes to provide better life to our society.

Advanced Mobility

All the three industries are going through major changes. Automotive sector is turning from internal combustion engines to electrification. Dupont has a longstanding automotive heritage we are proud of. Together with applications expertise and materials capabilities it enables to meet the industry’s emerging needs. One of the key challenges here is lightweighting which is critical for electric cars. The only way to deal with it is replacing metal parts with plastic ones.

Another aspect we pay much attention to is thermal management due to the necessity of cooling the battery. Also we go even deeper while solving problems which may seem subjective yet are very important for our customers, such as noise management. With the electric car you no longer have noise of the traditional engine. So you can hear other sort of noise, like interior squeaking, for instance. That’s why noise and vibration management is another key area we’re focusing on for today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles.

Enabled Connections

As for electronic industry, it’s been facing needs for miniaturization and safer connections. At K2019, within Enabled Connections concept we demonstrated our broad portfolio of solutions for high-performance applications for connectors, wire and cables, electrical components and consumer electronics which are essential for the development of the electrical and electronics market and associated smart connection technologies.

Healthcare also undergoes a significant transition from curing from being sick to preventing from getting sick. This “sick-care” to “well-care” transformation is a very exciting opportunity for Dupont’s healthcare material solutions and expertise, including medical devices solutions, to contribute to improving the patient experience and compliance by enabling safer, more convenient and more effective diagnostics, monitoring and treatment.

What helps Dupont keep being a global innovation leader?

Dupont is fundamentally a chemical company. Yet we constantly work at the intersection of chemical and mechanical properties making a change in chemistry to achieve mechanical benefits. It is our application development team where this expertise is generated. And it is our customers’ feedback that inspires us to create innovative solutions for an evolving world.

Our vision is to help transforming industry to impact society well-being contributing to the end consumer feeling better, getting home faster and safer, and keeping in touch with his family and friends when needed. And we are really glad to know that these are the innovations around us enabled by Dupont team.



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