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Automatic raw material handling


The AZO Group, together with the three specialists AZO SOLIDS, AZO CONTROLS and AZO LIQUIDS, provides complete turnkey plants for automated processes with solid andliquid substances.

The AZO Group presents solutions for automatic handling of large and medium components and the integration of small components and ingredients in the automated process. "Solids meets Liquids" - This slogan makes it clear: AZO can also be liquid. AZO LIQUIDS also offers systems for the handling of liquid and pasty substances in addition to vacuum process plants and solutions for continuous processes.

The AZO CleanDock® is a system for docking containers at upstream dosing units

AZO CleanDock® – Clean docked

AZO CleanDock® is a system for docking containers at upstream dosing units. Apart from dust-free transfer between dosing units and mobile containers and decoupling from scales, it provides further functions.

The AZO CleanDock® allows mass flow rates of up to 25 t/h. Its design is characterised by simple, time-tested components and it affords robust operating performance with emergency running properties. Several tens of thousands of operating cycles have already been implemented in continuous operation without need for maintenance measures.

The AZO CleanDock® double-cone system surpasses conventional docking systems as regards emissions of dust. It effectively prevents generation of dust from the partially or full container. The AZO CleanDock® reliably holds back any product residue, which, in conventional plants, would adhere to the dosing unit after dosing and fall on the floor or in to the plant. The connection between the dosing unit and container is secure at all times during dosing thanks to the frictional and form-fitting connection. The AZO CleanDock® aims to keep accumulation of dust below the minimum dust concentration as regards dust explosion. This goal has been met reliably. Any adverse effect on the weighing result due to force shunts is kept to a minimum thanks to the flexible connection. The AZO CleanDock® cannot be classed as a containment system.

However, where automation and subsequent operating cycles are concerned, the AZO CleanDock® compared with the familiar split valve system is far superior.

Modular big bag discharge station – cost-effective and versatile

Flexible bulk materials receptacles such as big bags have become firmly established for handling powders in a variety of branches. They have clear advantages over sacks when it comes to transporting and storing bulk materials. They are environmentally friendly, require less operating staff and storage space and reduce costs for transport and processes.

AZO DOSITAINER® for use in areas with ignition sensitive dusts

AZO DOSITAINER®and discharge base for highly flammable dusts

The AZO DOSITAINER® is a container with integrated dosing screw. It is an ideal transport and storage bin for bulk solids at medium throughput. As a mobile storage container that can be automated, it is also used in automatic processing plants. The integrated dosing screw makes it possible to dose accurately into automatic weighing processes.The bulk solids are emptied from the AZO DOSITAINER® by means of a discharge base. This AZO DOSITAINER® and the discharge base are designed to be suitable for highly flammable dusts with a minimum ignition energy of 1mJ ≤ MIE < 3mJ.

Key advantages:

• The AZO DOSITAINER® and discharge base can be used for highly flammable dusts with a minimum ignition energy of 1mJ ≤  MIE < 3mJ

• Low-dust, reliable emptying of AZO DOSITAINERS® using patented docking collars, optionally with vibration discharge

• The AZO DOSITAINER® can be changed over without intermediate cleaning

• Integrated dosing screw with frequency-controlled drive acts as a very accurate dosing unit with coarse/fine dosing for downstream weighing processes

• The AZO DOSITAINER® is rigid and stackable

• Can also be used for bulk solids with poor flow characteristics

• Optional identification systems prevent confusion between containers and enable exact batch tracing and documentation

Secure product feeding through integrated screening

The hopper serves to feed bulk solids in powdered and granular form into closed materials handling systems, such as pneumatic conveying systems. Products can be fed from sacks, boxes, barrels or similar receptacles. As different branches will have very diverse requirements regarding quality and hygiene, the feeding hoppers are available in a variety of materials and surface finishes.

AZO cyclone screening with ultrasonic assistance

AZO cyclone screeners combine operationally safe technology with high performance and easy maintenance and cleaning. The screeners can easily be integrated into existing systems thanks to their compact design.

AZO COMPONENTER®: Batch and minor quantity automation

AZO COMPONENTER®, circular for manufacturing crisps

During the manufacture of food, pharmaceuticals, chemical and plastic products, precise adherence to the recipes is decisive for the product quality. As the producer, you must have absolute confidence in the exact supply of your raw materials. Each ingredient must be meticulously documented. Reasons for the automation are:

• High precision for small and large weight units

• Product and operator protection through contamination- free solutions

• Reliable batch traceability and permanent documentation

• User-friendly control and visualisation

• Great flexibility, meaning weighing various weights from 10 grams up to several hundred kilograms, variable design possible, simple to expand, easy to change recipes

• Minimised non-productive times, e.g. through processoptimised collection of components results in high speed

• Sustainable, economic solutions with high energy efficiency

• Safety thanks to experience and fully developed technology

• Global service


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