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New Braid-cut™ cutter for stainless steel braided PTFE & rubber hose

New Braid-cut™ cutter for stainless steel braided PTFE & rubber hose

News 13.02.2018
Braid-Cut HD 3quarter view
Braid-Cut HD 3quarter view

The new Braid-Cut™ HD circular blade cutter from Gillard is designed to cut stainless steel wire braided PTFE & rubber hose. The machine can handle hose up to 50 mm outer diameter.

Wire braided hoses are typically used for high pressure hydraulic applications in the automotive & aeronautical industries. According to Gillard the cut end quality is very important. The hose end is typically terminated with a ferrule clamping cap. Any loose wire obstructs the ferrule & can create a potential leak issue.

Gillard claim that the Braid-Cut™ machine cuts through the wire braided hose cleanly thanks to an integral welding head. This is used to fuse the wire ends together. Tungsten Copper alloy electrode jaws clamp the hose while a high speed circular blade cuts through.

There is no wire flare or loose ends to worry about according to Gillard. They add that the ferrules or clamping caps can be easily pushed onto the cut ends, with no snagging.

The Braid‐Cut™ HD is fully PLC controlled to ensure total synchronisation between the welding & cutting. Motorised pay-off systems are available to ensure efficient off-line cutting from coils. Gillard can also integrate ink-jet printers for marking the cut lengths of hose.

About the company

Founded in 1968, Gillard are specialist manufacturer of extrusion cutting & downstream equipment. The company has concentrated on this area of activity since it was founded. There are now tens of thousands of Gillard machines operating around the world. Braid-Cut™ is a trade mark of Gillard Cutting Technology.



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