Extrusion 5-2019

Specialty Projects Strategy for Success in China At Chinaplas 2019 a film and sheet extrusion systems supplier specialized in barrier film lines and custom designed extrusion machinery Macro Engineering & Technology presented its range of state-of-the-art solutions for this rapidly developing market. Jim Stobie (Picture), Chief Executive Officer, shared his idea of how to succeed in China. We are quite happy with the business ac- tivity at Chinaplas. We got several inqui- ries, met some existing customers, and had a lot of new contacts. The show continues to grow in numbers and quali- ty of attendees. Macro Engineering is active globally with the Canadian market being only a small part of our business. Export makes up to 95% of our production. North America is traditionally the most important market for us followed by Western Europe, Latin America, especially Brazil, Asia, including China, Japan, Korea. We are also doing some business in Russia. In average year the Chinese market might be 15% of our production, rang- ing from 10 to 20%. It is evident that the market here is chasing for higher quality now, which is good for us as this is where our expertise lies. Local compa- nies have come to use more sophisticat- ed machinery for a thinner film of better quality. It also means higher productivity, more automation, and less labor involv- ed. “In the Chinese market, Macro Engineer- ing & Technology focuses on specialty projects. One of the areas we’ve had much success recently is high barrier shrink packaging. That is double-bubble and three-bubble shrink packaging pri- marily for fresh and processed meat pro- ducts. Here in China, plenty of supermar- kets are being built, thus expanding more sophisticated distributor chains for fresh and processed meat. So there is a need for proper packaging to extend its shelf life. Typically it is multilayer high barrier shrink packaging. These are the film extrusion systems we are selling here in China. Last year we delivered several complete lines, and now we have more orders in progress. That proves the Chi- nese market is essential for us. Another sector we have an interest in is specialty PVB sheet extrusion for auto- motive safety glass and architectural glass. Chinese automotive industry is a huge market evolving now for more de- manding solutions. Macro is highly expe- rienced with developing complex sys- tems that require advanced processing requirements. This experience has allow- ed us to develop a broad range of know- how to meet our customers’ most pres- sing needs. In addition, we manufacture equipment for multilayer, high barrier, blown and cast film for food and medical applica- tions. The markets we are targeting here are high growth markets. In China, there are significant opportunities for North American technology, thanks to the growing demand for more sophisticated applications. Macro Engineering & Technology 199 Traders Blvd E, Mississauga, Ontario, L4Z 2E5 Canada www.macroeng.com 29 Extrusion 5/2019 Interview at Chinaplas 2019 Intelligent Testing Für sichere Prüfergebnisse www.zwickroell.com AllroundLine bis 250 kN Prüfergebnisse müssen genau, wiederholbar, reproduzierbar und nachvollziehbar sein. Mit der AllroundLine sind Sie auf der sicheren Seite, egal bei welcher Prüfanwendung.