Extrusion 5-2019

GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR iNOEX PRODUCTS ƒ Employees contribute to plant e ciency ƒ Develops in-house expertise ƒ Maximizes performance, productivity and profit ƒ Extends equipment lifetime ƒ Promotion of own employees ƒ Reduces damage, downtime and costs YOUR BENEFITS: For further information visit www.inoex.de/servicetraining or simply contact our specialists at service@inoex.de The iNOEX service specialists will help you train your sta in the operation and configuration of your equipment for maximum performance. The training of the in-house maintenance teams with regard to recommended daily routines and controls is an objective to ensure performance. In addition to our standard induction training, we also o er BASIC, EXPERT and customized training solutions depending on your requirements. www.inoex.de