Extrusion International USA 3-2021

35 Extrusion International 3/2021 EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen Ges.m.b.H. Unterfeldstr. 3, 4052 Ansfelden, Austria www.erema.com milk and juice bottles, as well as meat trays, disposable tableware and cutlery, provided the input material comes from milk and juice bottles. In November 2020, the FDA con fi rmed an additional input stream and more applica- tion uses for the recyclate treated using this process. In addition to all HDPE beverage containers, HDPE closures of HDPE, PP and PET beverage bottles can also be pro- cessed. Material containing up to 100 percent recyclate can be used in the production of containers for direct contact with food of all kinds. “In order to produce a recyclate of such high quality from PCR material, the recycling machine needs to deliver very high decontamination performance,” explains Thomas Hofstätter, Process Engineer at EREMAGmbH. “While the high degassing extrusion system removes mainly highly volatile, low molecular weight substances, the ReFresher ensures a signi fi cant reduction of the low volatile, high molecular weight organic compounds in the recycled pel- lets. At the same time, the thermo-physical process works in a particularly energy-saving way, because it makes use of the thermal energy of the recycled pellets that are still warm after the extrusion process.” “In addition to EREMA developments that have been industry-proven for some time, such as our Precondition- ing Unit with Counter Current and RegrindPro technol- ogy, the combination of the extruder with the ReFresher was a key factor in obtaining FDA approval,” con fi rms Michael Heitzinger, Managing Director of EREMA GmbH. “This super-clean process produces high-quality recycled pellets that will open up new, economically viable sales markets that can be developed by working together with partners from all along the value chain.” Customer tests now possible using industrial-sized ReFresher People who are interested in the ef fi ciency of this process can come and see it for themselves since April onwards in the expanded Customer Centre at the group’s headquar- ters in Ansfelden/Austria. An extruder-ReFresher combi- nation for testing is now available for the fi rst time on an industrial scale. For carrying out tests at the customer’s plant, EREMA also offers a compact and mobile ReFresher module that can be integrated into the on-site recycling process. www.smart-extrusion.com Germany Austria and Switzerland Italy Eastern Europe Benelux countries Scandinavia Other Asia Russia South America North America Other Europe 34 600 + average monthly visits Geographic distribution of Smart_Extrusion readers, % The only website collecting information about smart technologies of extrusion 19 8,5 7,8 9,3 1,1 0,8 1 2,2 2 17,9 11,6 18,9