Extrusion International USA 3-2021

Wartbachstr. 9 D-66999 Hinterweidenthal/Germany Tel. +49/63 96/92 15-0 Fax +49/63 96/92 15-25 stein@stein-maschinenbau.de www.stein-maschinenbau.de STEIN Maschinenbau GmbH&Co. KG EQUIPMENT FOR EXTRUSION „STEIN BLUE-LINE – for a sustainable future“ stands for sustainable and energy-efficient equipment. Almost 100% domestic production and the high degree of manufacturing penetration guarantee compliance with even the most stringent of demands. Laminating foil cutting unit – turnable Foil cutting for laminating lines For the offline lamination of profiles single profile sections are provided to the laminating line end to end and are laminated with foil continuously. After the lamination process the laminating foil has to be cut to separate the profiles again. The laminating foil cutting unit detects the profile ends, makes a gap in between the ends and cuts the laminating foil automatically. Advantages of the laminating foil cutting unit • No damage of the profiles when cutting the laminating foil. • No interference of the cutting process into the laminating process. • Turnable cutting unit for different film orientations. • No danger to employees due to manual cutting.