Extrusion International 2-2024-USA

Firms in this issue 6
Imprint 7
Industry News 8
Calendar 8
Fakuma 2024 8
Gold Sustainability Rating by EcoVadis Maintained 9
European Plastics Industry 10
Stronger Worldwide in the Industrial Process Colling Segment 11
Celebration of 25 Years at Vetaphone 12
Global Company Name Rebrand Announced 12
As World Market Leader Champion 2024 Awarded 13
Change in the Management Board 14
Acquisition Completed 14
Market Leadership Strengthened 15
Change at Management Board 16
Additional Managing Director Appointed 16
World Market Leaders 17
30th Anniversary 18
New Management 18
Presence in Europe Strengthened 19
Range of Medical Masterbatches Introduced 19
Digitalization Meets Recycling – Research Team Develops Tool with Recyclate Data 20
2024 Cleanup Champions Announced 20
New Sustainable Packaging 21
PFAS-Free Additives for the Plastics Industry 21
Strategic Collaboration Agreement Signed 22
Chemically Recycled Products with up to 100% Sustainable Feedstocks 22
New 800 Series Hybrid Extrusion Tooling Announced 23
Mobile Mixing Container on the Market Launched 23
Increased Efficiency in Electronics Production Through Innovative Quality Assurance 24
New Acetaldehyde Control Technology for PET Packaging 24
In-House Rheology Lab Launched 25
Industry News USA 26
2nd Annual Bioplastics Twin Screw Extrusion Workshop 26
Demand for Recyclability Driving US Beverage Manufacturers to Switch to rPET Bottles 26
Analysis „Dynmics of U.S. Plastics Materials and Resin Trade in 2023“ Released 27
Analysis „March Jobs Report“ Released 27
2023 Q4 Committee on Equipment Statistics Report Issued 27
Winner of 2024 William R. Carteaux Leadership Award Announced 28
Ground-Breaking Ceremony on Battery Materials Plant in Texas 28
Strategic Partnership Announced 29
Company Transformation Announced 30
Chief Procurement Officer Appointed 31
Phosphite Antioxidants Now Approved for Use in Polyethylene Terephtalate (PET) for Food-Contact Packaging 31
Industry Newsletter „PLASTICS Pulse“ Launched 31
„People On-The-Rise“ within the Leadership Structure Announced 32
Flexible Film Recycling Alliance Launched to Improve Recycling Rates, Access, and Education 33
Operational Footprint Expanded 33
New Masterbatch Expansion in Georgia Announced 34
2023 Cleanup Champions Initiative Report Released 34
U.S. Regional Sales Manager Appointed 35
Strong Growth for Rheological Additives for Paints and Coatings Reported 35
New „Recycling is Real“ Video Released 36
New Single-Inlet Plenum for Retrofitted Blown Film Lines at NPE2024 36
New Plasticizer-Free Long-Chain Poyamides to Complete with PA 12 at NPE2024 37
Strong Outlook Registered as Processors Strive for Greater Efficiency and Reduced Downtime 38
New Melt Filter and Automated Die Lip Adjustment Make U.S. Debut at NPE2024 38
Keynot Speaker Announced for NPE2024 39
New All-Electric Extrusion Blow Shuttle Model at NPE2024 40
Syntactic Foam Plug-Assists for High-Temperature Use at NPE2024 42
Debut Appearance at NPE Plastics Trade Show 42
Successful Integration of U.S. Recycling and Compounding Facilities at NPE2024 43
NPE2024 44
Will Be the Largest Gathering of Bioplastics Companies In the Americas 44
NPE2024 Features First-Ever Woman in Plastics Breakfast 45
Impressive Touchdown on the American Market – 4 Compact Inline Inspection Systems on Display at the NPE2024 45
New Series of OMNI Recycling Machines – Innovative Devolatilization and Decontamination Technologies for Existing and Emerging Recycling Applications 48
Twin Screw Extrusion Equipment for Compounding, Reactive Extrusion, Devolatilization, Foaming and Direct Extrusion on Display at NPE2024 51
Various Solutions for Mixing, Foaming and Cooling fort he Plastics Industry 52
„Materializing Ideas“ – The Latest Advancements in Plastic Materials for the Fast and Economic Realization of Demanding Projects 54
Growing Demand for PTFE Replacements in FR Applications at NPE2024 55
Auto-Profile System for Blown Film Rotating Dies at NPE2024 56
Next-Generation Fully Electric eMotion Welding System at NPE2024 57
Melt Filters Made in Italy fort he Recycling of Plastics 58
Solutions for Manufacturing, Processing, Conditioning and Recycling Plastics 60
Innovation and Services 61
Extrusion Tooling / Extrusion Takes Some New Turns 62
Extrusion Technology / Concept of Innovation Reinvented by Introducing New Analysis Tools and Doubling the Space Dedicated to Testing 64
Film Extrusion / Crystal Clear Big-Size Cups – What to be Aware of when Calendering Extra-Thick APET Sheet 65
Processing / Optimization Process Parameters for PVC Compounding using a COMPEO Kneader 66
Sheet Extrusion – Case Study / First Food Grade R-PET Sheet Production Line to Lithuania 68
Measurement Technology / With Several Innovatins at the wire 2024 70
Automation / Quality is our Priority 72
Blow Molding / PET Bottle Life Cycle and NIR Heating Technology 74
Chinaplas 2024 / Indonesia’s Packaging and Automotive Sectors Spur Demand for Plastics 76
Measurement Technology / Process Automation and Control of Extrusion Lines 77
Material Handling / Gear Pumps Enable Extrusion Industry to Meet Growing Sustainability Demands 80