Extrusion International 6-2022

Firms in this issue 6
Imprint 7
Industry News 8
Calendar 8
Collaboration 10
Stretch Cast Film from Recycled Material – Expertise Pooled to Offer Efficient Solutions 10
PLAST 2023 11
Acquisition Completed 12
First Sustainability Report 12
Strategic Partnership Delivers Best Practice Example of a Closed Recycling Loop for PET-Based Multilayer 13
New Member of the Group Management Board Appointed 14
Cooperation 14
New Brand Identity 15
New Headquarters for Sub-Saharan Africa 16
New BOPP Film Capacity for Sub-Saharan Africa 17
Anniversary – 25 Years of Working for a Better Future 18
Single-Point Concentricity Extrusion Tooling 18
New Interim Director for Sales, Marketing and Service 19
New Dual Leadership 19
New Chief Marketing Officer 19
Subsidiary Opened to Grow Within the Indian Market 20
Investment Accelerated with New Recycling Plant to Support Circular Economy 20
Quality Control of Filaments 22
25th Anniversary 22
„Triple-Play“ in Sheet Extrusion Machinery Maintenance Program for Flat Dies, Chrome Rolls and Feed Screws 23
New 500 Series Rubber/Silicone Extrusion Crosshead 24
Newly Designed, Information-packed Website Released 24
Ready-Made Subsystem for Industrial Shredder Control 25
Agreement on the Production and Procurement of Pyrolysis Oil from Mixed Plastic Waste 25
More Sustainable Flexible Packaging Formats Containing 50% Post-Consumer Recyclate 26
Acquisition 26
Georg Menges Award 2022 27
Course Portfolio with New Topics 27
K 2022 – Trade Fair Results Filfil Highest Expectations 28
Engineering at the Highest Level 30
Speed BOPP Line at K Show Contracted 30
Circular Economy Solution – Whole Plant Equipment 31
Innovative Recycling Solutions Attract Visitors at K 2022 32
Strategic Partnership 33
Digital Offensive Launched 34
26 Companies Presented R-Cycle at K 2022 – Product Passport Enables Circular Economy for Plastic Products 35
Successful K Fair 36
Stretch Film Line with a Patented, Brand-new Triple Turret Winder Presented on K 2022 37
Pioneerin Digitalization, Focus on System Engineering 38
Innovative All-in-one Recycling Solutions for More Throughput, Efficiency and Superior Recyclate Quality 40
Quality Control in Extrusion Lines with X-Ray Technology 42
Innovative Recycled Resin Solution 42
Focus on Reducing Resource Consumption 43
Solutions for Polymer Processing 44
High-Energy K 2022 Yields Substantial New Orders 45
Recycling – Case Study 46
High-Strength Synthetic Nonwoven Now Made With a Recycled Content of 10 Percent 46
Recycling 47
Mixed Plastics – Separation Solution Already in Industrial Use for Decades 47
Recycling 50
Plastic Recycling on the Rise 50
Recycling 52
Bottle-to-Fibre and Bottle-to-Bottle – Two Starlinger PET Recycling Lines for Indian Recycling Brand 52
Underwater Pelletizing System 54
Better Performance and Optimized Workflows for TPE Production 54
Pipe Extrusion 56
Latest Innovations in PVC-O for the Conveyance of Water Under Pressure 56
Pipe Extrusion 58
Without Premixing tot he Highly Filled PVC Pipe – Direct Dosing of Chalk Supports Sustainable Extrusion Process 58
Surface Treatment 59
Surface Treatment and Extrusion 59
Recycling – Case Study 60
More Autonomy Through Clothes Hanger Recycling 60
Plasma Technology 62
100% Recycable Packaging with High Barrier Using Plasma Technology 62
Measuring Technology 65
Non-Destructive Measurement of Barrier Layers in Plastic Packaging 65
Rubber Tube Extrusion 66
Time and Cost Savings in the Production of Rubber Tubes 66