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PROFILE RAISER to revolutionize the start-up process

PROFILE RAISER to revolutionize the start-up process

News 12.02.2018
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With the PROFILE.RAISER, Greiner Extrusion Group presents a new system that automatically guides profiles to the correct entry position on the haul-off during start-up and at the same time closes a safety gap in the profile extrusion industry.

The manual raising of profiles into the haul-off practised for decades in profile extrusion is history – the twisting with muscle power and manually inserting pieces of wood between the profile and the haul-off now belong to the past. With the PROFILE.RAISER, Greiner Extrusion Group offers an innovative solution to a sector-wide safety problem and increases the degree of automation in extrusion. The start-up of production becomes safer, easier and more cost-efficient as a result of the PROFILE.RAISER.

For the PROFILE.RAISER, each of the customer's profile geometries is provided individually in 3D printing process.

The PROFILE.RAISER specifies the correct entry position of the profile and is designed in such a way that the profiles run into the haul-off at a correct angle all by themselves by means of a special locking system. As a result, the raising of the profiles in the haul-off takes place automatically during the start-up process and without safety concerns for the personnel involved. Greiner Extrusion Group has applied for a patent for this development.

To sum up, the new system has following benefits for the customer:

  • Automatic positioning and raising of the profiles
  • Avoids manual twisting of profiles
  • Reduces personnel deployment and costs
  • Increases work safety
  • Assembly without tools

About the group

Greiner Extrusion Group is the worldwide leading supplier of extrusion lines, tooling and complete systems for profile extrusion. The core competence is process expertise in profile extrusion – development, design, manufacture and process optimization of tooling and extrusion lines. At eleven locations in Europe, the United States and Asia, complete solutions are provided for all profile manufacturer requirements worldwide.



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