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A four-timer for Bandera in the Far East

News 29.01.2018
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The fourth rigid film extrusion line supplied by Bandera to a top converter in the Korean Peninsula in the past ten years is a promise for many more successful lines to come.

This spring will see the take-off of this newly manufactured PET Rigid Film Extrusion Line, designed for a maximum output of 1200 kg/h in co-extrusion, for food packaging and technical applications. The line is highly versatile, based on a double twin-screw extruder and co-extruder composition, Bandera patented equipment with innovative vacuum venting systems and high purification, superfiltration systems allowing the process of recycled raw materials.

Additional high-tech features worth mentioning are an automatic extrusion flat die by Cloeren, a horizontal cooling and polishing roller stack with motorized cross-axis system for thin film processing, complete with an in-line film lamination system and a fully automatic, multi-reel, turret revolver winding system, with no accumulator and with a special transversal cutting system.

Due to the acquisition of this fourth Bandera line the customer will gain market share in the sector of rigid film for food packaging and other technical applications, thanks to the significant production growth he will be able to manage with four high-output lines. 


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