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battenfeld-cincinnati USA: New equipment & innovative control system at the NPE show

News 23.01.2018

At the 2018 NPE show in Orlando, FL from May 7 to 11. battenfeld-cincinnati USA will present the solEX NG single screw extruder, the conEX NG twin screw conical extruders and the STARextruder. The se are equipped with the latest Industry 4.0 compatible BCtouch UX control. The extruders represent the latest technology for the infrastructure, construction and packaging divisions, servicing the pipe, profile and sheet industries.

solEX NG: single screw extruders for PO pipes up to 2.6 m

NG extruder series save energy and improve performance

The solEX NG is a single screw extruder for high-performance applications that offers up to 20% higher outputs, up to 15% lower energy costs and approximately 15-20°F lower melt temperatures. Thanks to this, it is well suited for the production of PO pipe from microducts to large diameters of 2.6 m.

The conEX NG is a conical twin screw extruder with a flexible design that covers a wide range of outputs for PVC pipe, profile and sheet extrusion. Its innovative design allows for e nergy savings of up to 20%. The mechanical design platform offers many configurations for primary or coextrusion applications.

Choice of extrusion systems for thermoforming sheet

STARextruder: efficient degassing for direct processing of PET

For high-grade food packaging production, the use of PET as raw material is on the increase. STARextruders combine a single screw for plastification with a planetary roller section for efficient degassing, making them ideal for direct PET processing. Energy savings can be achieved thanks to reduced drying times.

battenfeld-cincinnati also has comprehensive experience in multi- layer sheet extrusion. The product portfolio includes high-speed extruders with 75 and 45 mm diameter screws and, depending on the customers' requirements, standard 3-roll rolls tacks or the Multi-Touch roll stack for high-speed extrusion.

New control system compatible with Industry 4.0 applications

BCtouch UX: new control system for Industry 4.0 applications

battenfeld-cincinnati's extruders are equipped with the BCtouch UX control system. The "UX" stands for "user experien e" and refers to the intuitive operation of the user interface, thanks to a graphic depiction of the line and its components. The intuitive multi-touch display function is modeled on well-known user interface designs from mobile phones and tablets. The control comes with a 21.5" landscape format with swivel-and-tilt functionality as well as multiple language options and individualized control surfaces for each operator.

The four main functions that BCtouch UX offers to customers in this area are:

1. OPC UA functionality: this refers to a standardized interface that allows customers to check the data of battenfeld- cincinnati machines on other providers' visualizati on systems (provided these are also equipped with an OPC UA function). This enables easier synchronization and an overview over the complete production hall.

2. Preventive maintenance: this helps the operator to plan the maintenance schedule and/or spare parts orders due to a better control of drive and oil quality.

3. Uncomplicated remote maintenance option for quicker service.

4. Simulation of a running line for training purposes.


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