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Jwell, Extrusion machinery giant, held its grand 20 anniversary

News 20.12.2017
R. to l.: Ms. Dongping Su, Secretary-General of the Plastics Machinery Industry Association, Mr. Jianming Zhang, Chairman of China Plastics Processing Industry Association and Chairman of Haitian International, and Mr. Haichao He, Vice Chairman of China Plastics Processing Industry Association and Chairman of Haitian International

On December 10, 2017, China's plastics extrusion giant Jwell invited more than 500 Chinese and global business partners to come to a small place called Liyang and held its 20th anniversary, witnessing the growth of Jwell 20-years-history development.

In this more than 500 business partners, mainly come from China Plastics Machinery Industry Association high-level management, plastic industry guests and local government officials.

Among them, Chairman of China Plastics Processing Industry Association and (Chairman of Haitian International Mr. Jianming Zhang ,Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and Chairman of Borch Mr. KangJian Zhu, Secretary-General of the Plastics Machinery Industry Association Ms. Dongping Su,Vice Chairman of China Plastics Processing Industry Association Mr. Zhanfeng Ma,Chairman of Jilin Huabang New Material Technology Chairman Mr. Li Fangyuan, and ABB representative Mr. Hu Shizhong attended the 20th anniversary and congratulated the grand activity.

UAV Photo 1
UAV's Jwell aerial view


Jwell 20th Anniversary, well-prepared in Liyang, the city with not more than 1,550 square meters of Liyang, held such an important event, not only because it is the 20th anniversary. It is an important reason that Jwell initially completed its new plant in Liyang as its new productin base. The completion of Liyang's production base and its follow-up production capacity have greatly enhanced Jwell annual production and supply capacity to its local and global market.

Established in 2012, Jwell Liyang Industrial Park is located in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Industrial Park, covering an area of nearly 400 acres. It can produce not less than 1000 sets of high-grade plastic extrusion production lines each year. Undoubtedly, Liyang production base provides new energy for the manufacturing capacity of Jwell in the following 10 years. In the 20th anniversary celebration, Mr. Huiming Liu, GM of Liyang plant presided over the 20th anniversary celebration media meeting.

Mr. Haichao He Chairman
Mr. He Haichao, Chairman of Haitian International

The rapid development of Jwell is benefited from the industrial layout of its Chairman Mr. He Haichao and the joint efforts of Jwell Management Team. It is also is a microcosm of the growth process of china plastic machinery industry. As a practitioner of the global plastic extrusion industry, Jwell has become a constant deduction and influencers of such stories. It always regards quality, safety and innovation as the soul of its products and takes inspiration from the needs of global users to create products that fit the market. Currently Jwell in the country, have five major production bases, and a comprehensive staff system.

As Ho Chai chairman said in his speech, "20 years of tempering forward Jwell has a very good industry platform, a well-known brand and a large number of outstanding Jwell talent, with many customers around the world. However, facing the future, we must have a zero mentality. Catch the changes the industry's progress and development. In the era of big data, Jwell will deepen our advantages, with great concentration on the market segments, long-lasting , Not only to provide high-end production lines in various segments, but also to provide a full range of automation and intelligent application solutions, standardization, data and key KPI performance appraisal, through artificial intelligence, digital systems, big data implementation to the production, procurement, outsourcing, quality control, inventory management, customer experience , and comprehensively enhance the operational efficiency to ensure that the first-class product quality, and comprehensively improve the customer experience. Our dream is to create a highly intelligent global extrusion. The ecological chain in the field of equipment! To win a showcase for every Jwell company and excellent employee on this platform with its own value".

Since its establishment in Shanghai in 1997, Jwell has been ranked No.1 in the extrusion industry overall strength in plastics extrusion in China for 7 years.

Now it has five major production bases, with wholly owned and joint ventures 22 companies, more than 3,000 employees, from a single production and processing screw barrel parts, growing to the manufacture of plastic pipe, sheet membrane, profile, hollow packaging, automotive interior and lightweight products And other large-scale production line intelligent equipment, as well as large-scale whole plant chemical fiber spinning engineering design and manufacturing, with an annual output of over 2,000 sets of high-grade plastic extrusion lines, selling products into more than 120 countries and regions.

In today's highly intelligent industrial context, Jwell cooperates with world-class scientific research institutions, research and development of new technologies, new processes, new products, are widely used in building materials, home appliances, packaging, medical, automotive, new energy, Aerospace, rail transit and many other fields, closely related to human life.


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