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Unique PP ultra melt strength resin from Sabic

News 08.12.2017
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SABIC has recently presented an addition to its foaming materials family – SABIC® PP-UMS (Ultra Melt Strength) resin.

The new product boasts melt strength of more than 65 cN along with an outstanding foamability. The material underwent extensive testing followed by necessary optimizations at SABIC's dedicated Foam Innovation Center.

At SABIC much attention is paid to developing innovative foaming polymeric materials that are believed to play a crucial role in global sustainable development.

The new line of melt strength polypropylenes is developed to be applied as a building block in lightweight solutions for the automotive, packaging and construction sectors.


The company is a global player on the chemical market, developing, manufacturing and supplying chemicals, polymers, fertilizers and other products. SABIC is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It possesses a wide net of manufacturing and research facilities in 50 countries employing 35,000 people worldwide.


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