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Hennecke and Oms Group merger announced

News 16.11.2017
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Hennecke will be in control of OMS Group with all its affiliates by the end of the year. OMS's top managers Enrico Lombardini and Dr. Andrea Mariani are to retain their positions in the united group after settling all the legal formalities.

This accession will unite two top of the line polyurethane machine-builders consolidating their technological competence and market expertise. As Hennecke and OMS product ranges augment each other's economic potentials, the combined market share will grow.

The global demand for polyurethane is going up and both the leadership teams believe that their "redoubled" efforts will ensure successful expansion. The shared optimism is evident in the fact that no job reduction is planned after the deal is closed and all the facilities will remain operational.

About Hennecke

Founded by Karl Hennecke in 1945 as Maschinenfabrik, Hennecke GmbH is currently one of the leading companies specialized in polyurethane machine manufacturing and developing corresponding system and process technologies. The company is highly customer-oriented with a clear ecological approach. Hennecke is based in Sankt Augustin (Germany) and possesses subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, Russia, China, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico and the USA with around 500 people employed.
At present the company is controlled by Capvis Equity IV, L.P. and Rolf Trippler holds position of Hennecke's Managing Director.

About OMS

Since its foundation in late 1960s, Impianti OMS is focusing on manufacturing continuous production lines for flexible and rigid polyurethane foam as well as metering machines. The company has built a reputation of a flagship supplier of integrated manufacturing solutions for all kinds of polyurethane applications.

The company is headquartered near Milan, Italy with a commercial and technical office in Beijing, China. OMS has a staff of more than 140 employees.


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