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Hellweg Maschinenbau presents MDS 1500/600 machine

News 09.11.2017
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M 1500/600 granulator – no thermal degradation of the recycled material.
(Source: Hellweg Maschinenbau)

Hellweg Maschinenbau has developed an addition to its MDS product line. As its 600 series granulators are successful on the market, the company is now offering a 1 500 mm model.

The machine houses a heavy duty rotor with working speed of 400 rpm providing an enormous torque. It has the diameter of 600 mm and working width of 1 500 mm. The nominal installed power of the drives is between 75 and 110 kW. The granulator weights around 11 metric tons, with variations depending on the customer-specific configuration.

MDS 1500/600 is able to process thick-walled plastic waste pieces such as pipes, crates, canisters and profiles. The process effectiveness depends on the choice of materials to be recycled and ranges from 800 to 2,500 kg/h. The maximum possible heating of the material being granulated does not exceed 33 °C (38 °C for glass fiber reinforced plastics), thus no thermal degradation takes place and the resulting regrind is good for further processing.

MDS 1500/600 boasts perfect flexibility to customers' needs. The form of the housing can be straight or slanted. Clients may choose between rotors with three to seven continuous rotor cutting strips, the number of stator blades can be increased to four.

There are also extra options such as special rotors, various wear protection packages for glass fiber reinforced material applications and noise protection cabins.

About Hellweg Maschinenbau

Hellweg Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG supplies its customers with high-performance machinery and accessories mainly for plastic recycling facilities. The product range includes various granulators and cutting mills, intake equipment for film edge strips, film cutters and extraction and dust removal equipment. The firm emerged in 1985 as a sole ownership enterprise to be later transformed into a limited company. Hellweg Maschinenbau is located in Roetgen, Germany.


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