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JSW opens extrusion technical center in Düsseldorf/Germany

News 07.11.2017
17-32-02 JSWs new TEXenter Düsseldorf November 2017
The new center

JSW has recently opened a technical center in Germany, right in the center of a completely new industrial park in Düsseldorf-Benrath. It is located just half a mile to the nearest motorway, 25 minutes to the airport or to the exhibition site where the K-shows take place and half an hour to an important polymer production area (Dormagen near Cologne). Hence, Japan Steel Works Europe GmbH (JSW) could not have found a better location for its new "TEXenter" extrusion technical center. Furthermore, it is only a seven-mile ride to JSW's European headquarters in the center of Düsseldorf. During K 2016, JSW announced the closing of the Belgian Overpelt facility and the inauguration of a new 1000 m2 floor space TEXenter early in 2017, now admitting that the local authorities took some time to assess the technical features and site facilities.

The reasons for the choice of this location are mainly the central reachability and optimum infrastructure in that area for JSW's marketing endeavours concentrating on polymer production companies situated in European countries

17-32-02 TEXenter Vent Port for Devolatilizing Trial IMG no. 1944 October 2017
Vent port for devolatilizing

TEX = Technology plus EXcellence: The "TEXenter" is now equipped with all high-end technology for R&D on extrusion processes, compounding, chemical reaction, dewatering, devolatilizing, pelletizing etc. The latest type, the TEX44αIII twin-screw extruder – 47mm screw diameter and the world's highest torque density of 18.2 N/cm³ – is available for high-end compound trials. The highest torque makes it possible to operate the extruder with lower screw speed and, as a result, lower polymer temperature, and better product quality can be realized. In addition, a specialized TEX30α – 32 mm screw diameter – is ready for devolatilizing tests in combination with the TEX44αIII. The layout of trial extruders, TEX44αIII (1st extruder) and TEX30α (2nd extruder), is tandem. The 1st extruder is used for preparation of the solution (mixture of polymer and solvent) in order to simulate one of the more critical end stages of the polymerization process. TEX30α (2nd extruder) removes the solvents, volatile matter and monomer substances from the polymer solution. With these trial equipment, JSW can conduct trials for isolation processes (devolatilizing) and high-end compounding processes as high filled compound, super engineering plastics, TPV, biodegradable plastics as well as reactive processing and recycling.

All extruders of the TEXαIII series benefit from a new gearbox design combined with enhanced gears, screw shafts and barrels. The result is a surprisingly high torque. Its torque density value is 18.2 Nm/cm³, which means that the screw speed can be reduced without reducing the throughput and keeping the temperature at an optimal level. A standard torque limiting function disengages motor and gearbox to stop screw rotation and protect the machinery. A low noise water-cooled motor is optional in Europe.

The 700 square meter floor space for tests, trials and R&D at the "TEXenter" is combined with a 300 square meter office section on the first floor overlooking the workshop. According to the spokesman of the JSW Europe extrusion team, " ... the TEXenter" provides the solutions for the customer's challenges according to a lot of JSW's special technology from accumulating many experiences in order to meet the customers various demands. The Japan Steel Works has global three (3) Extrusion Technical Centers in Hiroshima, Japan, Detroit, USA, and Düsseldorf, Germany and they are sharing a lot of information regarding the polymer processing technology and timely customer support."

17-32-02 lab extruderTEX25 IMG no. 0129L November 2017
TEX25αIII laboratory extruder

Also on show is the TEX25αIII laboratory extruder with a special side feeder. The compact 26.5 mm diameter co-rotating twin-screw extruder (European debut during the 2016 K-show), for product development of various compounds and masterbatches in engineering and high performance thermoplastics, super engineering plastics as well as rubber/elastomer compounds, is the smallest of nine types in the TEX-αIII series (up to 129.5 mm screw diameter) available in Europe. Cartridge heaters and a barrel clamping mechanism enable easy and rapid barrel section block changes. The total screw length/diameter (L/D) ratios can be selected from 42 with 12 blocks, 52.5 with 15 blocks, and 70 with 20 blocks. The machine accommodates vent or closed barrel sections and side feeding of abrasive reinforcement materials, heat- or shear-sensitive additives and materials into the melt via a downstream barrel section. Wear resistant LSP-2 modified tool steel screws and barrels in N60S nickel based alloy made by JSW promise long life of barrel and screw (high wear and corrosion resistance) for various kinds of compounds containing abrasive and/or corrosive materials and additives.

About JSW

Tokyo, Japan-headquartered machinery producer, The Japan Steel Works, Ltd. (represented in Europe by its Düsseldorf subsidiary) is one of the global leading manufacturers of large extrusion equipment. Founded in 1907 as a steel mill, it produces injection & blow moulding machines, cast and stretch film lines, reactor vessels, power plant & oil refinery components, wind turbine systems and compressors. JSW started single screw extruder production in the 1950's, counter-rotating twin-screw extruders in 1979 and co-rotating twin-screw extruders (TEX) in 1985, now the main extruder type, produced in Hiroshima. JSW has supplied approx. 2,500 TEX co rotating Twin-screw Extruders, with screw diameters up to 443 mm, including a TEX400α believed to be the world's largest twin-screw devolatilisation extruder.


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