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High-performance shredders for material recycling from Vecoplan

News 01.11.2017

At Ecomondo, the international trade fair for material and energy recovery (7 to 10 November in Rimini), Vecoplan AG will be presenting its VEZ 2500 T high-performance shredder and other products. The machines in this series are used for deriving fuels from production waste, sorting waste, packaging material, domestic waste and industrial waste. The fuels can then be used as an energy source in cement works and power plants. 

csm PM VEZ 2500 T 418cbd7c03
The high-performance shredders in the VEZ 2500 T series (Photo: Vecoplan)

Vecoplan will be displaying a selection of its powerful single-shaft shredders. The shredders in the VEZ 2500 T series are extremely efficient and robust. Thanks to their consistently high throughput and homogeneous output quality they are very profitable to operate. Each machine is equipped with a dynamic, fast start-up HiTorc drive with a capacity of 247 kW.

The drives have no mechanical components like belts, clutches or hydraulic units. As a consequence, they don't have to move as much mass and can operate with high efficiency. Moreover, unlike hydraulic drives they require very little maintenance. Vecoplan offers the VEZ 2500 T with 144 or 216 knives.

The machines in this series can thus achieve a throughput of ten to twelve tonnes per hour – or twelve to fifteen tonnes.

csm PM VAZ 110 XL 7b3921ebc5
The VAZ 110 X L is notable for its extremely compact design  (Photo: Vecoplan)

The VAZ 110 XL single-shaft shredder will also be shown at the trade fair stand. One version, for example, has a rotor diameter of 370 mm, a material outlet of 1,075 mm and a height of 1,100 mm. This makes it a durable and sturdy single-shaft shredding solution for wood-processing companies.

About the company

Vecoplan® AG is a leading manufacturer of machines and systems for the resources and recycling industry for shredding, conveying and reprocessing wood, biomass, plastics, paper and other recyclable materials such as domestic and industrial waste. Vecoplan® develops and manufactures the systems and components, and sells them worldwide in the wood reprocessing and waste processing industries. It currently has around 380 employees at its locations in Germany, the USA, Great Britain and Spain. 


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