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Automatic system for contactless measuring of pipes and sockets

News 26.10.2017
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DimCon system

Two versions of the device allow automatic, non-contacting measurement of pipes, couplings and fittings. The two DimCon systems presented use innovative laser triangulation sensors for best-in-class process efficiency in this task.

The benefits: no more fiddling around with gauges, alignment or contact pressure. Interpretations of measured values, susceptible to errors, and prior precise definition of the measuring position are a thing of the past. Instead, the user benefits from powerful, rapid and error-free quality monitoring.

The steps required are limited to inserting the workpiece and then selecting the test record required from the integrated programs. The system allows the measurement of both extruded and injection moulded components. The configuration selected alone is decisive.

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Measurement protocol

The heart of every DimCon solution is a highly accurate, opto-electronic travel measuring system with comprehensive functions, integrated processor and precise mechanical components which detect the measured values.

The values determined are immediately processed digitally in the measuring head. They are then passed via an interface running on Windows© XP to standard industrial computers equipped with touch screens.

The PC is completely in control of the DimCon system itself and the independent PLCs the system hosts.

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Measurement settings

Both the new DimCon 200 (for measured objects with diameters from 32 (with a wall thickness <4mm) to 200 mm) and the DimCon 500/630 (for measured objects with diameters from 63/110 to 500/630 mm) aroused great interest with the visitors of international plastics exhibitions.

Many suggestions from the visitors will be introduced in the next generation of DimCon devices. These will start with a permitted diameter increased to 800 mm, include optional robot-assisted guidance of the objects to be measured, through to genuine inline integration.

ConPro is also working on further developments of solutions for the measurement of injection moulded fittings and couplings with DimCon systems as requested by many visitors.


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