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Clariant launches Telasperse™ PVC pigment preparations

Clariant launches Telasperse™ PVC pigment preparations

News 23.10.2017
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Clariant  is adding an important new family to its range of colorants for plastics, with the introduction of Telasperse PVC for plasticized and non-plasticized PVC. The new family currently comprises seven colours – one blue, three reds and three yellows – as well as two blacks and a white. More colors will be added in the coming months.

Until now, plasticized PVC compounders and processors have had a limited choice of global suppliers of high quality pigment preparations. The entry of Clariant into this important market will provide a welcome addition to their options. Telasperse PVC products are free-flowing, dust-free powder pigment preparations, fully dispersed with approximately 40-50% organic pigment. If requested, they can also be supplied in pellet form. They are based on a PVC containing a non-phthalate plasticizer; the stabilization is lead-free.

"With Telasperse PVC pigment preparations, we are opening up new opportunities for PVC compounders and customers manufacturing such products as films and sheets," says Philippe Lazerme, Head of Strategic Marketing Plastics at Clariant BU Pigments. The preparations are also suitable for cables, profiles, and flooring.

"The new pigment preparations keep processing costs low with their ease of incorporation into PVC and their high pigment concentration, while their dust-free form makes them safe to process," Stefan Wannemacher, Head of Technical Marketing at Clariant BU Pigments, adds. "Quality of the pigments is consistently high, ensuring excellent reproducibility in finished products. Especially important for film makers, the excellent dispersion of the pigment yields smooth surface appearance, free of specks, while their high chroma ensures a brilliant shade."

Depending on the size of the business, Clariant can offer specific shades based on existing colorants, and also provide in-depth service, technical advice and support, Lazerme points out.

Selected products in the Telasperse PVC range are suitable for food-contact applications and for toys; they have wide regulatory compliance, including RoHS, EN71-3, 94/62/EG, AP89 (I), and EU 10/2011. Although developed specifically for plasticized PVC, Telasperse PVC can also be used in some rigid PVC formulations.



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