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New COLLIN products at the FAKUMA 2017

News 17.10.2017

New blown film line – technically optimized for perfect bubbles

The Collin blown film line presents itself completely updated at the Fakuma booth. Because the technically and optically optimized machine enables perfect blown films via the Collin bubble control.

„Among other things, the take-off unit plus lay-flat unit but also the winder have been further developed. Depending on the customer's requirement, with the new line, contact, central or central winding with gap is possible", says DI Dr. Friedrich Kastner, CEO Collin.

„By means of the comprehensive optimization, nearly perfect bobbins are realized and thus the further processing for our customers is easier and the resulting products have a better quality", explains Kastner.

„Furthermore, the standard speed of 30 m/min has been increased to 50 m/min. If desired, higher speed is possible – in order to approach product speed if necessary", says Corné Verstraten, CSO Collin.

Online, the quality of the films is permanently controlled via the COFIS Film Inspection System.

At the booth, Collin shows another new product – the new Collin die, integrated into the blown film line and perhaps a little bit diverted from its intended use.

New die – modular, flexible use

„Modularity in every single layer – our product philosophy is perfectly reflected in our new die. This die is used for the production of medical strands and catheter tubes. Moreover, the die is flexibly designed and customers can use it for the production of a wide variety of blown films", comments DI Dr. Kastner.

„At the moment, the innovative, modular design allows up to 9 layers. Strips can be integrated into any desired layer. It is possible to integrate two, four or eight strips with a width as required. Furthermore, the geometry of the strips can exactly be influenced."

The Collin die is suitable for a variety of polymers and can be used as tube, strand or blown film die.

Entrance Extruder – the entrance version for laboratory, R&D

In addition, at the Fakuma, Collin shows an E-Extruder. The E Entrance Extruder series is the cost-efficient basic version, perfectly suitable for the first steps into extrusion. The lines are designed for laboratory operation and R&D test series.

Multi-inspection – allrounder for testing film quality

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The multi-inspection unit

The compact, robust and cost-efficient multi-inspection of the product line Polytest Line is used for analyzing different plastic materials and mixtures but also for the processing of virgin materials, compounds, masterbatches or for analyzing recycled materials. The modular design of the measuring system enables the adaptation of measuring methods to the corresponding customer requirements.

Via three main modules, rheological melt characterization, optical film inspection and mechanical film testing are possible:

  • Real-time control of the melt viscosity by the MVR, iV-value or the apparent viscosity
  • Statistical error detection (gels, black spots, ...) at the film
  • Color control at the film by CIE L*a*b system
  • Detection of foreign polymers by NIR-analysis
  • Detection of stress-strain-values by film traction test

Via an upstream melt pump, the multi-inspection system is provided with a constant melt flow and the pressure necessary for the rheological characterization is built up. The compact design and the options to use the multi-inspection online directly at the extruder or offline in the laboratory are also convincing aspects. By the modular design, the multi-inspection unit enables an individual configuration of the line, however, there are still all options for retrofitting available for the customer.


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