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Factories are getting smarter; equipment producers too

News 28.09.2017
float block image Quantum Q12 Gravimetric dosing unit 2017
Quantum dosing gravimetric blender

International businessmen working in the sector of plastic processing will gather at the Friedrichshafen Exhibition Centre on the 17th of October to witness the development of smart factories. This world famous exhibition will gather more than 40,000 experts and parade advanced solutions to the waste problem in processing plastic such as specially configured Quantum dosing gravimetric blender, Modula drying system, and Easylink automated coupling station.

However, the most interest in terms of integrated manufacturing process in a smart factory fashion directs public to the two technologies proposed by Piovan: Easytherm and Winenergy. Both of them aim at top innovation for increased efficiency.

Easytherm will be highlighted at the company booth. The spectators will be able to witness a new series of temperature controllers for smart factories in line with the Industry 4.0 concept. Factors that characterize this Industry 4.0 ready equipment are increased reliability, high precision and smart consumption control. Temperature controllers boast new upgraded internal and external layout and ergonomic state-of-the-art controls. These innovations turn Easytherm into a versatile and efficient system that is ready for Industry 4.0 production facilities thanks to open standards used, e.g. the OPC-UA protocol.

Winenergy makes an advance in the field of monitoring and analysing power consumption. The system includes Piovan proprietary software and measuring devices that collect data related to power, heat, temperature, and other physical quantities. Although Winenergy leads to improving the results of control & monitoring on its own, the overall system efficiency is maximized if Winenergy is coupled with Winfactory 4.0.


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