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Molecor extends its pipe range with the new DN710

News 27.09.2017
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The Spanish company Molecor is committed to continual development of the technology of PVC material molecular orientation for the manufacture of pressurized water supply pipes. TOM® pipe series enable smart water resources management thanks to cutting-edge technology. TOM® pipes boast increased performance and high resistance, as well as low need for maintenance compared to conventional plastic pipes. This is coupled with outstanding mechanical and chemical properties of pipe material for better sustainability. Power costs in water infrastructures are cut down as well when using the innovative Molecor pipes.

Recently, the company unveiled a new nominal diameter for its TOM® pipes, the DN710 mm with 12.5, 16, 20 and 25 bar nominal pressure options. The new pipe diameter came to join the already wide portfolio of DN90 to DN800 PVC-O pipes. Network design possibilities are hence even more expanded.

Among the mechanical and chemical properties of Molecor PVC-O pipes, the following ones deserve being highlighted:

• Increased hydraulic capacity for equal OD compared to conventional alternatives
• Light weight, making machinery use redundant for handling and installation of certain diameters (up to DN250)
• Better water hammer response thanks to lower pipe material celerity
• Very high impact strength
• Excellent leak tightness for water loss avoidance.

Molecor is proud of being the global pioneer in DN 500, 630 and 800 mm PVC-O pipe production. Since the company was founded, Molecor engineers has been committing themselves to innovation in pipe sector R&D for a better future of water supply market.


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